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Resources for Inclusive Teaching in Area Studies

French Studies and British History


In the primary databases/bibliographies for research in French Studies (MLA International Bibliography) and British history/studies (BBIH, Bibliography of British and Irish History, and Historical Abstracts) there are not a great many citations to work detailing inclusivity, etc. in college/university teaching, per se. I tried to identify such material in these resources by searching first actual subject headings for pedagogy or teaching methods, looking up in the thesaurus of each database the appropriate terms.  I narrowed my results to 2000-2016, wanting the most recently written material. Then I combined these results with keywords or words in the titles of the indexed material reflecting diversity, inclusivity, minorities, ethnicity, disability, gender, and so forth. By the time I'd done all this, often there were no results. Loosening up my search strategies to find just material on the topics related to inclusivity often yielded more material, but only pedagogically related citations are wanted for this project. 


In French studies inclusivity often means revising what authors' works should be taught more than what particular teaching methods should be used.  There has been increasing emphasis for years now on teaching more women authors, more authors from the francophone world, and more late 20th and early 21st century authors. In the United Kingdom there has been quite a bit of writing about reform of educational policies for various levels of education to include more emphasis on the various topics of inclusivity but not much scholarly writing about pedagogical methods being used at the college/university level in British history courses. Scholars do write about minorities, gender, etc. in their research, however.

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Area Studies

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