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Links to popular databases are in the Philosophy Research Guide. Suggested terminology may include "inclusive," "anti-oppressive," "anti racist," and "pedagogy" (among other possible terms).


Inclusive pedagogy is increasingly making headway in Philosophy education.  As humorously described by Eugene Marshall in Challenging the Canon, “A philosophy syllabus passes the [Bechdel-like] test just when (1) it contains two or more texts by women authors (2) who are, preferably, in dialogue with each other, (3) but, at least, doing something other than merely responding to the ideas of a man” (as described in Inclusive Pedagogy: Beyond Simple Content).  Suggestions for creating an inclusive curriculum and classroom environment include expanding the traditional canon of Philosophy texts to include representation by women, sexual, gender, race, economic, and ability groups and being flexible and playful in work output expectations, such as encouraging students to express their projects in formats other than traditional papers, including poetry performances, artwork, etc.

Relevant Journals: 

Inclusive pedagogy is being addressed throughout major philosophy publishing venues, please consult the Philosophy Research Guide for more information.


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"The following syllabi have been provided to the APA's Committee on Inclusiveness in the Profession to be used as resources for those teaching philosophy to create more diverse and inclusive courses. You are welcome to reuse or adapt portions of the syllabi posted, with credit to their authors. Authors retain copyright to all syllabi."

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