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Databases & Terms Searched: 

The databases searched were PubMed, Education Full Text, Global Health, and EBSCOhost. Keywords included the following in various combinations: inclusive, curriculum, pedagogy, education, instruction, teaching, classroom, public health, global health, health education, MPH, Masters in Public Health, higher education, and graduate education. Also consulted were the journals listed below. 


There is very little material on inclusive teaching in public health as such, and what does exist is often about teaching public health to medical or nursing students, not to students studying public health specifically. This may be due to the paucity of public health classes/programs at the undergraduate level. Most of the existing literature focuses on professional outcomes (students become better health practitioners), rather than educational ones (students are able to learn the material in ways that address different learning needs). Public health does have a more robust thread of research on teaching practice in informal/community health instruction (i.e., Pearson et al. 2019). 

Relevant Journals: 

Academic Medicine

Advances in Health Sciences Education

American Journal of Public Health

Critical Public Health

Pedagogy in Health Promotion


Public Health

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