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In the primary databases/bibliographies for research in religious studies (ATLA/ATLAS) and medieval and Renaissance studies (International Medieval Bibliography and ITER) there are not a great many citations detailing inclusivity, etc. in college/university teaching, per se. A Google search found a bibliography on Race and Medieval Studies with links to primary source documents and academic research. There are a few practical lesson plans included along with blog posts that provide instructional content.


In medieval and Renaissance studies there is a great need to help students learn about the content of Christianity and Islam in order to study many medieval texts. This has been a motivation for dealing more sensitively with religion topics in the classroom. I was not surprised to find, therefore, more relevant citations in the religious studies field itself. In religious studies dealing more sensitively with gender and disability issues in the classroom and teaching the global history of Christianity, not just Christianity in the West, are inclusivity issues. Within Medieval Studies, topics on white supremacy and white nationalism have exploded with the recent administration and current events. Resources on those topics can be found below and in the bibliography above.

Relevant Journals: 

Teaching Association for Medieval Studies

History Compass

Journal of Education and Christian Belief


Medieval & Renaissance Studies

Bibliographies, Primary Sources, Blog Posts, and Academic Publications

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Religious Studies

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