Michigan State University

Some areas of the Main Library are now open 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday and 12pm to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday. These areas include main-floor access to Circulation as well as our study and computing space on 1 East with access to MSU printing. As of Feb. 1st, we opened 1 West. Our total capacity at this time is 120 people. We also now have touchless lockers, where you may pick up materials. Outside of safety, our top priority is to provide access to all of our collections. We continue to offer virtual services. We also are paging materials and will continue to mail materials to faculty, staff, and students living off-campus. We encourage you to use our convenient distance services. Please see our Online and Distance Learning resource page for more information.

Suggestions for Course Instructors

  1. Check with a librarian to ensure that the MSU Libraries can support the assignment’s requirements.
    • Because of the dynamic and ever–changing nature of our resources, especially electronic information, even assignments and guides used previously may need updating.
  2. Don’t assume students already know how to use the library or can successfully navigate its complex information environment.
    • Request a Information Literacy instruction session and encourage students to "Ask a Librarian" for help at the beginning and throughout the research process. Even upper–class and graduate students can be intimidated by the complexities of a large academic library.
  3. Offer general suggestions for resources, rather than limiting students to particular titles or formats.
    • Since particular resources may only be available electronically or in print, both traditional print sources and Web documents may be necessary for research on most topics. Do, however, specify what category of resources you require or prefer; e.g., scholarly journal articles, primary sources, subscription databases available through the MSU Libraries’ Web pages.
  4. Share your assignments – including the due date – with the Teaching & Learning staff at libinstr@lib.msu.edu.
    • We can be prepared for last minute demand and inform staff of the "Ask A Librarian" service as to the nature of the assignment in anticipation of answering questions from students.
  5. Provide a reasonable time frame for the completion of the assignment.
    • Be certain to give your students enough time to request materials through interlibary loan if they are not available at MSU.
    • It might be helpful to do the assignment yourself to see how long it takes before you decide how long students need to do it, allowing for their inexperience and for request of materials.
  6. Consider the availability of information sources, especially those in print.
    • If it is necessary for all students in the class to use the same library materials; e.g., the same volume of a specific journal, edition/copy of a book, etc., please consider putting the item(s) on Course Reserves so all students can access them. This makes it less likely that needed materials will be checked out for long periods of time, lost or stolen.

Teaching Resources

  1. Research Basics Modules: these short video tutorials cover a variety of information literacy concepts, and can be embedding or linked in your course. Includes supplementary worksheets for instructors to use and adapt
  2. Two Minute Library Tips: short videos that address specific library skills, such as searching the Library Catalog or finding an article from a citation
  3. Information Literacy for WRA 101 (MediaSpace Channel): a collection of videos to support and supplement First Year Writing information literacy instruction