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Starting on Thursday, December 23, 2021, MeLCat Borrowing and Lending will be suspended while the MSU Libraries undergoes a significant software transition.

MSU students, staff, and faculty can continue to utilize interlibrary loan by placing requests through the MSU Libraries Interlibrary Services department. Community patrons will not be able to use MeLCat through the MSU Libraries during this time, but they can continue to do so using their local public library.

Many Books, Many Languages

The library has books in more than 300 languages, including popular fiction and literature. Click on a link below to see some of the international fiction in our collection. You can also search our catalog to see more or Ask a Librarian. Happy reading!

"Book" in Russian, Chinese, and Arabic.

Want to find more? Try these search tips:

Search for authors and titles in the original language by copying and pasting characters into the keyword search box.

keyword search example

Use this call number chart to look for modern authors in many other languages.

Language Call Number Language Call Number
African languages PL8009.5 - PL8014 Lao PL4236.5 - PL4236.9
Albanian PG9601 - PG9665 Latvian PG8998 - PG9146
Amharic PJ9260 - PJ9269 Lechitic dialects PG7900 - PG7925
Arabic PJ7695.8 - PJ7976 Lithuanian PG8700 - PG8772
Afghan languages PK6800 - PK6821 Macedonian PG1180 - PG1199
Argobba PJ9280.5 - PJ9280.9 Malaysia (multiple languages) PL3512 - PL3512.9
Armenian PK8501 - PK8832 Manx PB1850.2 - PB1867
Baluchi PK6858 - PK6858.9 Native American languages PM151 - PM198
Basque PH5280 - PH5490 Pali PK4501 - PK4681
Belarusian PG2834.17 - PG2847 Papuan languages PL6608 - PL6608.9
Bosnian PG1700 - PG1749 Polish PG7001 - PG7446
Bulgarian PG1000 - PG1146 Portuguese PQ9000 - PQ9999
Carpatho-Rusyn PG3990.5 - PG3990.9 Prakrit PK4990 - PK5046
Chinese PL2250 - PL3208 Romanian PC800 - PC872
Croation  PG1600 - PG1696 Romany PK2898.5 - PK2899.Z5
Czech PG5000 - PG5146 Russian PG3450 - PG3493.96
Dari PK6878 - PK6878.9 Sanskrit PK3590.2 - PK4485
Ethiopia (multiple languages) PJ9090 - PG9101 Scottish Gaelic PB1604.2 - PB1709
Finnic dialects PH501.A1 - PH1109 Serbian PG1500 - PG1596
Finnish PH300 - PH405 Singapore (multiple languages) PL3515 - PL3515.9
French PQ2600 - PQ2726 Slovak PG5400 - PG5546
Gaelic PB1195.2 - PB1200 Slovenian PG1900 - PG1962
German PT2660 - PT2728 Sorbian (Wendic) PG5661 - PG5689
Greek PA5000 - PA5660 Spanish PQ6001 - PQ8929
Hebrew PJ4501 - PJ5192 Tamil PL4758 - PL4758.9
Hungarian PH3001 - PH3445 Telugu PL4780 - PL4780.9
Irish PB1305.2 - PB1449 Thai PL4200 - PL4209
Italian PQ4001 - PQ5999 Tigrinya PJ9111.5 - PJ9111.9
Japanese PL700 - PL889 Ukrainian PG3900 - PG3987
Korean PL950 - PL998 Zaza/Dimili PK6928 - PK6928.9
Kurdish PK6908 - PK6908.9

View a full list of languages and literatures in the Library of Congress P schedule.