Michigan State University


Library semester lockers are to be used to store checked-out library material related to MSU class assignments and MSU research. They are not for storage of coats, studying supplies or personal belongings while on campus, though such materials may be stored in conjunction with library material. Lockers are generally due finals week of the semester in which they are assigned, but can be re-applied for if needed.

Eligibility for Semester-Use Library Lockers

  • The locker application must be completed as fully as possible.
  • An MSU undergraduate student may apply for a semester locker to support work related to an assignment or class.  If a locker is needed for longer than the current semester, the undergraduate may re-apply for the locker at the end of the semester and retain the key while the new application is in process.
  • An MSU graduate student may apply for a graduate locker, which are larger and assigned for the entire academic year. 
  • Faculty are encouraged to apply for a carrel in the Director’s office (Monday-Friday, 8am-Noon, 1pm-5pm, Room W102, Main Library).  Locker assignments will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Community borrowers are not eligible to use lockers

Locker Use Policies

  • Locker contents will be inspected frequently for policy compliance. A single violation of any policy may result in immediate termination of locker privileges and may affect eligibility for future locker assignment.
  • An individual may have only one locker at a time.
  • If a key has not been returned within thirty days after the due date:
    • Locker contents will be taken to Lost and Found.  The lock will be changed and the individual’s future locker eligibility may be affected.
    • The locker holder will be billed a $20 key replacement fee. Registration, enrollment, diploma and transcript holds will be issued.
  •  Library material stored in a locker must be checked out. Any non-checked out or non-circulating material (i.e., reference books, current journals, microfilm) will be removed from the locker and re-shelved.
  • Absolutely no food or drink may be left in a locker. Any food/drink found in a locker will be discarded and locker privileges will be revoked.
  • Locker keys may not be shared, traded, loaned or given to anyone else. If you no longer need your locker, please return the key.
  • Illegal substances/material may not be stored in lockers. If such items are found, they will be confiscated and turned over to the MSU Department of Police and Public Safety.
  • If your locker appears to be consistently unused or used for nonacademic storage, locker privileges will be revoked.
  • Library lockers should not be considered secure storage. The MSU Libraries cannot be held responsible for loss or damage of locker contents.