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The M.A.C/M.S.C Record Dataset

Bubble line term frequency visualization
Bubble line term frequency visualization

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The M.A.C/M.S.C Record Dataset


The M.A.C. Record (later known as the M.S.C. Record when the Michigan Agricultural College became the Michigan State College in 1925) was launched by faculty in 1896 as a vehicle for communicating College news and progress to graduates, parents of current students and the farmers of the State. Weekly issues included information on campus events; student, faculty and alumni news; departmental and curriculum updates; athletic results; and advertisements. In September 1913, editorial oversight was transferred to the alumni organization (the M.A.C. Association). The Record ceased publication in 1955, when the College was designated a University, and was succeeded by the Michigan State University Magazine. It remains a valuable primary resource for early MSU history (1896 – 1955).

Preferred Citation

The M.A.C/M.S.C Record Dataset. East Lansing: Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections. https://www.lib.msu.edu/macmsc


In 2010, MSU Libraries digitized the M.A.C./M.S.C. Record in partnership with MSU University Archives & Historical Collections (UA&HC). Alternative access is available via UA&HC’s 'On the Banks of the Red Cedar website'.


The M.A.C/M.S.C Record dataset consists of 2694 files, divided equally by PDF scans of newspaper issues, and text extracted from PDF scans. Each set of files are provided as compressed ZIP files.

File Naming Conventions

    year_month_day - e.x. 19010129.pdf
    year_month_day - e.x. 19010129.txt


    pdf - 23.25 GB (uncompressed)
    txt - 76.1 MB (uncompressed)

Data Quality

Plain text data is generated via OCR and is uncorrected.


Data description prepared by Thomas Padilla and Anita Ezzo.