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3D Print Submission Form

Submitting a request 3D print request is done in two parts. You will need to:

1. Complete the submission form. 

2. Submit your file(s) via File Depot - instructions on page 2. 


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Color and Printer Information
You may choose a preferred printer option for your 3D model. If you do not choose our staff will default to the MakerBot 3D printer. Please note the differing color options below. Intricate models with complex details, overhangs, or that are very small may print better on the Fortus 3D printer; our staff will determine which machine would be most efficient for your 3D printing project. If we cannot accommodate your preferred choice we consult with you about other possible options.

MakerBot Color Options

BlackWhiteGrayBoneNaturalBrownNeon PinkRedOrangeLemon Drop YellowJaditeGreenGlow in the DarkTranslucent BlueRobin's Egg BlueBlueSparkly Dark BlueTranslucent PurplePurple

Fortus Color Options

IvoryBlackGrayDark GreenOrangeYellowRedBlue

Form Color Options