Michigan State University

Laser Cutting


Full Spectrum laser cutter

H-Series 5th Gen CO2 Desktop Laser

  • 18 x 10 engraving and cutting area
  • 40w laser
  • Cuts 0.25 inch materials (subject to MakeCentral staff approval)
  • Completed during weekday business hours on a first come, first served basis
  • Manufacture details


Cost is calculated based on the time (rounded to the nearest minute) that it takes to engrave/cut your design. The time is determined by the level of power and speed that is necessary for the material that is being used.


  • Engraving: $0.25/min
  • Cutting: $1.00/min
  • Material: $0.05-$0.15/square inch depending on material (customer is allowed to provided material depending on the composition and approval from MakeCentral staff)

Available Materials

The dimensions of all materials available is 8x12" unless otherwise noted. Additional materials, and sizes can be special ordered if requested. Ordered material may take a few days to arrive.

Example Image Material Thickness Price Per Square Inch
clear acrylic for laser cutting Clear Acrylic 1/16" $0.05
  Clear Acrylic 1/8" $0.10
  Clear Acrylic 1/4" $0.10
clear acrylic, green edge for laser cutting Clear Acrylic with Green Edge 1/8" $0.10
transparent green acrylic for laser cutting Transparent Green Acrylic 1/8" $0.10
dark green , white acrylic for laser cutting Dark Green on White Acrylic .022" $0.10
  Dark Green on White Acrylic 1/16" $0.15
MDF wood for laser cutting MDF Wood 1/8" $0.05
  MDF Wood 12x12" 1/8" $0.05
soft maple wood for laser cutting Soft Maple 1/16" $0.10

Accepted File Types


  • .SVG
  • .PDF
  • .JPG
  • .TIFF
  • .PNG
  • .AI

Cutting (Vector designed files)

  • .SVG
  • .AI