Michigan State University
M.A.R.S. Michigan State University Article Retrieval Service

Free document delivery for MSU faculty, staff, and students

This service provides scans from the MSU libraries print collection of journal articles and individual book chapters not otherwise available electronically. MSU faculty, staff, and students may use these articles and chapters for personal research. Documents will be delivered electronically in 2 to 3 business days.

After locating an available item in the MSU Libraries catalog, use the Get It! button (as displayed below) and choose 'Request a Scan' on the next page. You may be asked to sign into your ILLiad account. Please be sure to include information about the specific chapter or article that you need.

Requests may also be submitted directly by logging onto the Libraries' ILLiad system and selecting “Article Request.”

Get It Button example

Please assist us in maintaining relatively quick service by observing the following procedural guidelines:

  1. Copyright Guidelines prohibit the Library from scanning multiple articles from the same issue of a journal or multiple chapters from the same book.
  2. All requests must be submitted via the form provided on the Web.
  3. Only one request per request form will be accepted. Multiple requests on a single form will cause processing delays.
  4. The following bibliographic information must be included. Incomplete or incorrect citations will cause processing delays.
    • For journal articles, supply the journal title, volume and issue number, date, pages to be scanned. An author and title of the article is desired but not required.
    • For a book chapter, supply the author and title of the book, the publisher, date of publication, author and title of the chapter needed and pages to be copied.
  5. If the MSU copy is unavailable at the time of the request we will arrange to obtain it from another library. This may add another 2-3 days before the request is fulfilled.
  6. Articles/Chapters will be sent electronically to your ILLiad account as a 300 dpi PDF file.