Michigan State University

Media Preservation

Media Preservation program banner featuring magnetic tape, audio cassette, grooved disc, CD, and film strip
Magnetic tape, phonographs, optical discs, and film: physical A/V media typical of library and archival collections.

Scope of Service

Audiovisual media formats, including sound recordings, video, and moving image film, are commonly found among library and archival collections. Media Preservation prioritizes treatment of these items and develops long-term strategies for their care. Through the systematic process of preservation assessment, targets are identified to begin caring for the Libraries’ most valuable and at-risk media assets.

Media Preservation provides consultation and, where appropriate, conservation treatment and reformatting/digitization services to the Libraries’ collecting units. Depending on the format type and project volume, transfers can be performed in-house or in collaboration with trusted vendors.

Our program is situated within the Conservation & Preservation department so we collaborate on services and activities related to disaster preparedness, rehousing, and environmental monitoring.


Mission Statement

The Media Preservation program supports the mission and goals of MSU Libraries by honoring the University’s heritage and the Libraries’ investment in the creation, collection, and transmission of knowledge. Preservation upholds this legacy to serve the educational needs of the students, faculty, and staff of MSU, the citizens of Michigan, and the University's national and international patrons.

The purpose of the Libraries’ Media Preservation efforts is to sustain the life and usefulness of legacy audiovisual content and born digital content collected by the Libraries, as well as to support continued access to these unique and valuable works of intellectual and historical significance.