Michigan State University

Women, Raise Your Voice: Showcasing Feminist Music

stylized silhouette profile of a woman singing

Now through October 31, 2018
Main Library, 4th Floor, West Wing

This exhibit explores the intersection of gender and music by highlighting women's music from the second-wave feminist movement and beyond. The majority of the materials on display draw upon the Goldenrod Music (MSS 471) and Michigan Womyn's Music Festival (MSS 508) records from MSU Special Collections. These collections include feminist and lesbian voices in music and the experiences of women from marginalized communities. Goldenrod Music began in Lansing, Michigan in 1975 as a women's music distribution company with the intention to bring together music, politics, and culture.

Michigan Womyn's Music Festival (Michfest) was an annual international music event that took place in Michigan from 1976 until 2015, where female artists of all genres performed. The collections complement each other by containing administrative records, photographs, brochures, catalogs, sound recordings, and other ephemera. Both Goldenrod and the Michfest began out of the desire for women-only spaces and businesses during the second-wave feminist movement. Most artists featured in this exhibit performed at Michfest; Holly Near, Meg Christian, and Teresa Trull performed at the inaugural festival.

Exhibit produced by Elisa Landaverde, Grace Haynes, Lydia Tang, and Sharon Ladenson