Michigan State University

Booklet Printing

In addition to perfect-bound paperback books, Publishing Services also offers booklet printing as a publishing option.  Booklets are printed on ledger sheets (11" x 17"), folded in half, and bound on the center fold with staples. They can be printed in B&W or Color and can be trimmed down to smaller sizes as desired.


Introductory pricing for printing booklets has been set at $3.00 per booklet plus 2.5 cents per page and an additional 25 cents per page printed in color. There is no additional set-up fee for booklets at this time.

Design Tip

Since booklets are made from sheets of paper printed double-sided and folded in half, the total page count for booklets should be a multiple of four.  The exception to this would be if the booklet has a cover that is only printed on one side, in which case, the interior pages should be a multiple of four.

Turn-around time

If you make an appointment, booklets can be printed during your appointment.  Please contact the Publishing Services coordinator to make an appointment.

For electronic submissions, booklets can be printed within one business day. Please include any pertinent details about your print requirements when submitting files (e.g. black & white or color printing and the expected width and height of your booklet).

How to submit files

MSU’s File Depot service is the quickest way to submit your files to Publishing Services staff for printing. Please follow the steps below to drop off your files.

  1. Go to filedepot.msu.edu (opens in a new window).
  2. Log in using your MSU NetID (*if you do not have a NetID).
  3. Click “Drop Off”
  4. Please note that we do not use Request Codes; please leave that field blank. Click Next.
  5. In the “To” field, add Publishing Services. The email address is publish@lib.msu.edu.
  6. In the fields below, add the files you wish to send - they can all be added to a single submission.
  7. Click “Drop Off Files”, and you’re done!

* If you do not have an MSU NetID:

  1. Click “Drop Off”
  2. Enter your name, for organization enter MSU, and your email address.
  3. Please note that we do not use Request Codes; please leave that field blank.
  4. Click “Send Confirmation”.
  5. Follow the link in the email that will be sent to you.
  6. Proceed with step 5.