Michigan State University

From War to Peaceful Pursuits: Drones & Other Unmanned Vehicles

Now through mid-January 2019
Main Library, 2nd Floor, West Wing

Unmanned vehicles can be divided into two main categories: those that are remotely operated and those that are autonomous. Unmanned vehicles operating in the air are usually called drones and we hear the most about them. The first aerial drones were used by the military during World War I. Since then they have become much more sophisticated and are currently used by the military for reconnaissance, surveillance and as weapons platforms. Their use as weapons platforms in some situations has become controversial. Unmanned vehicles can also operate on underwater and on the land. Underwater unmanned vehicles are used extensively by the oil and gas industry and for marine archaeology. Self-driving cars are now in the test phase. Today unmanned vehicles are used in agriculture, by researchers in many fields, the media, by fire fighters and police for search and rescue missions and by individuals for various purposes. For more information please see the accompanying LibGuide.

Exhibit produced by Tom Volkening