Michigan State University

Hand/Press: Medieval Manuscripts and Early Printed Books in MSU’s Special Collections

Medieval printmaking illustration

Now through December 31
Main Library, Special Collections Gallery

This exhibit examines MSU's growing collection of medieval manuscripts and early printed books in a variety of genres, both sacred and secular, including medicine, poetry, cookery, religious devotion, music, history, and astronomy. Materials are interpreted through markings their producers and owners left behind, and there is a special focus on the "afterlife" of manuscripts that could be repurposed in bindings or divided for use and study by collectors and libraries. Additionally, visitors will be able to hear recordings by College of Music students of vocal music from two manuscript fragments.

Exhibit produced by Tad Boehmer, Curator and Cataloger of Rare Books, MSU Libraries, and generously sponsored by Jack and Susan Davis.

Illustration detail from: Denis, le Chartreux (1402 or 1403-1471). D. Dionysii Carthusiani in quatuor Euangelistas enarratione. Paris: Jean de Roigny, 1539. MSU Special Collections Rare Books.