Michigan State University

Supplementary Material Basic Procedures

In many cases you will use your judgment for processing.

The main piece should already be labeled and barcoded.

Make a pocket using the white envelopes (cut down to fit).  Glue the pocket to the inside of the back cover using pH-Neutral white adhesive.

If the supplement is too large for a pocket, it can be sent to conservation for packaging.  It will then be shelved separately. In some cases, you can cut edges slightly to make the supplement fit into the envelope. Use your best judgment, but do not cut off information or cut material that it might affect the value of.

Bib Record

Call the record up in Sierra, check that the 300 field in the bib has a +|e (with what the suppl. piece is, such as, Map, Chart, Suppl. material, etc.) at the end of the 300 field.

Serial supplements are sometimes cataloged separate, so review the bib record for reference to a supplement(s). Look for a |e in the 300 field and a related 5xx/515 note, or a 7XX related record field that the supplements are on. If there is no mention of suppls., compare the Sierra record to the OCLC record; if the OCLC record has mention of supplements, copy both the updated descriptive 300 |e information and the related 5XX/515 note into Sierra.  Consult a serial cataloger for questions or if a new record is needed.

Check for a 500 field note (if there is not one, you will need to add it) – Accompanied by _________ in pocket at back of book or shelved separately if the piece is too large for a pocket. Modify the note in serials to say - Some issues accompanied with supplements.

Supplementary Pieces

Write the call number on the upper corner, right or left including what the piece is such as Map, Chart, Suppl., etc.

Place the barcode on the piece near the call number.

Stamp with “SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL” near the call number. (use the stickers if glossy material)

Place the MSU Libraries ID stamp or sticker on the back, at the bottom.

Add tattle tape and it’s shield in an inconspicuous place.

Item Record

There should be an item record already created for the main piece.  Add to that a sup note: Click insert, type “m” then type %sup.  A note will be inserted that says: One barcoded item/s in pocket…  If there are multiple supplements, change the number to reflect how many there are.

Create a new item record for the supplemental piece.  In the volume field put what that piece is called. (should be whatever it is called in the bib record).

Stamp Book

Stamp the main piece above or below the date due slip or on the inside of the cover using: “Supplementary Material in Back Pocket” or “Supplementary Material Shelved Separately” or "Supplementary Material Shelved Separately"

This is the supervisor note that goes in the item:  ­­____ barcoded item/s in pocket (back cover). Checkout/checkin and "thump" both book and item/s in pocket as appropriate. If pocket is empty, stop and ask Supervisor before checkin or checkout.

If the supplements in the pocket are not barcoded use: ____ NOT barcoded item/s in pocket (back cover). If any are missing, stop and ask Supervisor before checkin or checkout.

Count that all 5 things have been done to the physical piece

  1. A pocket has been placed in the back of the book.
  2. A call number has been written on each supplement.
  3. Stamped the main book with the supplement material stamps.
  4. Barcoded supplementary items with 10 or fewer pieces.
  5. Has a date due and ownership stamp if not already done.