Michigan State University

Ernst Victor Wolff- Ephemera

Title/Item Description of Item Date/Year (if any) Number of copies Additional Info
MSU Dept of Music Presents: Ernst Victor Wolff Pamphlet for Summer Master Classes with EVW  July 14-Aug. 1, 1947 2 Guest Teacher July 1947
MSC Appointments  Some details of EVW appointment as Professor of Music at MSC August 7, 1947 1  
MSC Biographical Form Bio Info: EVW August 20, 1947 1  
Faculty Record: North Central Association of Colleges Faculty record of EVW Nov. 1, 1948 2 Second copy in a small envelope (folded)
MSU Piano Faculty Meeting minutes One typed page of notes from Faculty Meeting December 1, 1949 1  
Annual Academic Report July 1, 1956-June 30, 1957  EVW Scholarly Duties Report Summer 1956 1 (2 pages in total) Memo to Roy Underwood from EVW (stapled to form)
MSU Dept. of Info Services News Bureau EVW Bio 1957 1  
EVW Scholarly Activities worksheet Contains info on participation on recitals, concerts, committees, and awards received 1959-60 Academic School Year 1  
MSU Record of EVW students Comprehensive list of EVW piano students from 1947-60. Names, degrees earned at MSU and years attended. Unknown 1  
MSU Supplementary Personnel Record sheets (packet for Distinguished Faculty Award) Lists all of EVW Bio Info (Personal and Professional) performances and scholarly work from 1947-1960 8/20/47, 6/17/53, 9/3/56, 12/20/56, 11/15/58, 3/8/60 7 pages (front and back typed)  
EVW Supplemental materials for Distinguished Faculty Award EVW Notes (Pre-Audition Info) His guidelines he used to audition students and taught his student under his direction Unknown 3 pages (one handwritten) Materials in small envelope (folded)
"An Informal Evening of Music with Ernst Victor Wolff" General public relations letter about EVW for MMTA members in Battle Creek Unknown 4 copies (5 pages in total)  
In Memoriam Ernst Victor Wolff (August 6, 1889-August 21, 1960) Program for EVW Memorial Service that was held in the Music Auditorium October 9, 1960 5 copies Late photo of EVW included in program
In Memoriam Ernst Victor Wolff (August 6, 1889-August 21, 1960) Pamphlet for EVW Memorial Service that was held in the Music Auditorium October 9, 1960 24 copies  
Ernst Victor Wolff Press Pamphlet (portrait photo) Part of Early Press Kit pamphlet used from when EVW was on faculty at The New York College of Music Unknown 12 copies 1 photocopy included in set
Map of Cambridge and Harvard University Map from 1908-09 (double sided) Unknown 1 copy Handwritten notes on back of map. Possible locations of where EVW performed and/or lectured during his time at Harvard.

Poster/Advertisement: Handel's Rodelinde

June 30, 1920

Poster/Advertisement: Handel Opera Festival at the State Theater in Göttingen   1 poster in orange/red color paper(brittle) May be advertisement for an additional performance of the Opera. Dates listed, but year estimated. Refer to programs in collection.
Poster: Cast substitution with productions of Radamisto and Ezio (Handel Opera Festival) Poster: Cast substitution with performance productions of Radamisto and Ezio at the State Theater in Hamburg
Unknown 1 poster in lighter red colored paper (brittle) Sub. characters listed on poster. Date/Year not listed on poster.
Photo: Sculpture of Otto and Theophano (Artist unknown) Photo possibly used with programs for July 13, 1921 production of Handel's "Otto and Theophano" at Handel Opera Festival in Göttingen Unknown
1 copy Tissue paper covers photo
Ernst Victor Wolff Harpsichordist/Pianist Recital Program Examples (photo on cover)

Part of Early Press Kit from when EVW was under management by The Guild for Musicians (NYC)

Unknown 5 copies 1 photocopy included in set
Cover of Die Stimme seines herrn (January 1928, No. 1) Cover from a Journal Unknown 1 copy (brittle) Handwritten note on cover
Recital Program (incomplete): Ignacy Jan Pederewski Piano recital program April 28, 1900 2:30 pm (from American Tour) 1 copy Recital from American Tour: works performed and program notes are in program. Recital location unknown.
Program from 13th Annual Carmel Bach Festival (Bi-Centennial Celebration) Bach Festival program July 16-23, 1950 1 copy EVW may have been involved with performances from this festival, but his name is not listed in the program.
Program: Dinner and Musical Soirée presenting. "An Evening at the Summer Palace of Prince Esterhazy" Musical Comedy in Two Acts by Gretchen Damrosch Finletter/Dinner Theater Production at The Waldorf Astoria. Produced by Walter Damrosch. Cast listed in program. Sunday, January 23, 1938 1 copy of program with musicians listed EVW may have attended event, but was not listed in program as a participant. Proceeds went to Musicians Emergency Fund.
Portrait of EVW (early) Drawing done in charcoal by artist Unknown 1 copy framed Artist name: John D.
Copper Engraving Plate of EVW (face and head) Used for printing purposes (EVW Press Kit flyers) Engraving plate attached to block of wood. Unknown 1 block  
Sketchbook of Nature Drawings Drawings done in dark pencil or charcoal. EVW 1 book Drawings range from 8/14/18-8/3/21
Poems/sayings used by EVW Framed in glass with red background Unknown 2 frames  
Graduate Degree EVW's Ph.D from The University of Berlin 1913 Original (unframed) Earned November 1913
Diary No. 1 EVW Diary: Entries in German May 1908-October 1934 Original

 Black w/soft cover (large book)

Diary No. 2 EVW: From Summer Trip to Switzerland: contains writings, postcards and a picture of Swiss Alps  July 23-August 29, 1909 Original Folder has picture of Swiss Alps flag on cover. Entries are in German (contents are brittle).
Diary No. 3 Contains personal notes, sketches, list of LP Records, practice techniques and sayings Unknown Original Small black (address sized) book with binder clips. Entries in English (some typed and handwritten in ink).
Diary No. 4 Contains handwritten notes in German from mid 1920's-on. Unknown Original Small black address sized-book. Notes are written in pencil. 
Diary No. 5 Contains handwritten personal thoughts from EVW in ink. 1914-1919? Original Small red  address sized book
Diary No. 6 Contains handwritten entries in German (black ink) Mostly from the 1920's Original Medium-sized address book in darker red (initials: V.E.W. 25 on cover).
Diary No. 7 Comprehensive info from EVW of performance schedule and literature performed (including dates/years) 1906-1960 Original Black small Med -sized address book (thick). Entries in English.
Diary No. 8 Comprehensive info from EVW of his schedule/students at MSU (lessons/performances, etc) July 1947-April 1960 Original Black small-med sized address book (thick). Entries in English.
Pocket Notebook Contains daily general notes and budgeting figures from EVW during his travels (handwritten in pen and pencil) Unknown Original Small notebook light red color
Small Notebook Contains music notes written from EVW. (black ink Unknown Original Small-med sized address book with ring binder.
Small Square Scratch Pad (Post-it size) Contains some notes from EVW in pencil 1920's Original Contains a picture of dwarfs on cover.
Thinking Back into the Future: An Autobiography (1957) Rough draft of Autobiography written by EVW 1957-58 Original Black hard shell cover. Draft contains edits. Separate section (paper clipped) in back of book: Germany 1958 possible revision.
Booklet: Guide for Tuning and Regulating the Maendler Harpsichord Used to tune and regulate EVW's own harpsichord Unknown Original Black hard cover. Includes instructions and a diagram on back of front cover of booklet.
Pictures of EVW and possible sibling (from late 1800's)  Negatives were taken on, or enclosed in glass (done in Berlin) Unknown Original (6 in total) Enclosed in a small black rectangular box
Copy of Webster Collegiate Dictionary (5th Edition)   Unknown 1 copy EVW's signature on first page (1937)
Kodak picture slides Slides of EVW, friends (visitors from Japan) and colleagues Date range: Mid-later 1950's (1956-58) 17 slides in total (2 containers) Some slides have month/date info written on them. Slides are in color.
Letter of Correspondence Thea Wolff to Mary Black-Juttonen December 2005 1 letter in envelope