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H. Owen Reed Collection

Title Instrument Length Library has: * ** *** Notes
All Through the Day Soprano, alto, piano 5 p. Manuscript w/ corrections Manuscript, master copy Copy of master, 8 1/2 x 11 B&W   Piece is not on Reed's list; from "Michigan Dream" (Opera).
Awakening of the Ents Concert band   Published full orchestral score and parts (Ludwig Pub. Co.) Parts, original transparencies ("Ents later revised and published") Sketch Another copy of Ludwig Music score, 1987. (Gift of Forrest Coggan)  
Butterfly Girl Voice 8 p. Vocal score w/ corrections       Piece is not on Reed's list; from "Butterfly Girl and Mirage Boy."
Butterfly Girl and Mirage Boy Soprano/dancer, contralto/dancer, narrator/dancer, alto flute, perc., electric piano   Transparencies (elec. piano, vocal/piano, alto flute, perc.) Copy of published score 8 1/2 x 11 B&W ("Master One Side, use for copies") Full score w/ corrections MS Reproduction: notes, stage directions, comments, w/ MSU program, May 13, 1980 Reproduction is gift of Forrest Coggan, choreographer and author; Info from July 3, 2000 email from H Owen Reed: Story is taken from a book Marito Masks by Hartley Alexander. The libretto is by Forrest Coggan.
Che-ba-kun-ah Band & string qt.   MS Reproduction (c. 1966): full score, w/ introductory info & choreographer's note Sketch     Reproduction is gift of Forrest Coggan, choreographer and author; Coggan outlined story, dynamics, etc., then Owen wrote score.
Christmas Eve Voice, piano 3 p. Manuscript, master copy (chords have been added above measures in blue pen) Copy of master, 8 1/2 x 11 B&W Reproduction 11x7 of master copy   Reed's only "commercial" song--extensive note in file.
Concerto for Cello and Orchestra Piano, cello 27 p. Published piano score and cello part, 5 copies - one is labeled as the Inviolate Copy Composers Press Inc. Published orchestral score Inviolate Copy, 47 pgs, Composers Press Inc. Copy of cello part, 47 pgs, B&W sketch (not corrected); sketch--green bound Reed: MS is in his hand; Composer's Press, 1951 edition copy is gift of Forrest Coggan.
Dearest Mother Voice 1 p. Vocal score, Reproduction of Master Copy, 11x7 Vocal score, Master Copy Manuscript w/ minor corrections Vocal score, B&W copy of Master   Piece is not on Reed's list.
Done Gone--Hornpipe in G   1 p. Master copy, transparency       Piece is not on Reed's list; from "Fiddle Tunes."
Dream of the Lumberjack   4 p. Manuscript, master copy, vocal score       Piece is not on Reed's list; from "Michigan Dream" (Opera).
Dusk Voice 3 p. Manuscript, master copy, vocal score Reproduction 11x7 of master Reproduction 8 1/2 x 14 of master copy B&W 8 1/2 x 11 copy of 8 1/2 x 14 reproduction  
Dusk     MS reproduction       Inscribed to and donated by Ethel Armeling
Earth-Trapped Contralto, 2 actor/dancers, chamber orchestra   Vocal score, reproduction of manuscript, 17 pgs Full score, reproduction of manuscript, 67 pgs sketches MS Reproduction, 1960, 2 full scores, 1 vocal score, includes performance commentary & stage directions. One copy has cut-out skull design on cover. Uses stories from "Marito Masks" by Hartley Alexander. The librettist is Forrest Coggan, although good suggestions were given by Mario Castelnuevo Tedesco. (From July 3, 2000 email from H Owen Reed).
Earth-trapped     vocal score w/ pencilled-in staging       Donated by Ethel Armeling
El Muchacho Piano (jazz combo)   Manuscript piano score, new version with intro & coda; B&W copy of score Published piano score--master copy (new version w/ intro & coda) Flute/Clarinet/Piano parts, masters; 2 B&W copies Manuscript piano score (orig--NOT revised), master copy; one B&W copy ALSO CONTAINS: Manuscript parts for jazz combo; sketch
Evangeline Orchestra   Piano score, manuscript, 24 pgs Orchestral parts, master copies Orchestra score, master manuscript (no corrections Orchestral score, reproduction of master copy w/ corrections, 70 pgs  
Fanfare for Remembrance     Parts, manuscript Score and Parts, master copy (also B&W copy of master) Published score and parts, Triplo Press sketch  
Fanfare for Rutgers (CD Title) Wind Ensemble   CD--Rutgers Wind Ensemble, William Berg, Conductor        
For the Unfortunate band & chorus or taped chorus   Battle Hymn of the Republic (from piece): choral score master, 2 B&W copies Parts and 2 published scores, Kjos (Inviolate copy) Complete miniature score, Neil Kjos. Miscellaneous: "Masters-Personal score" Also included are sketches for a lecture. Note on back of miniature score: "$3,000.00 prize-winning Neil A. Kjos Memorial Award winner"; was a gift of FW Coggan.
Give the Fiddler a Dram solo fiddle OR fiddle & guitar OR piano   Master Copy Manuscript Solo part     Note: "Missouri Shindig may be preceded by the playing of "Give the Fiddler a Dram" performed by either a solo fiddler, fiddler & guitarist, or a chording piano dressed in bib overalls & straw hat; from "Fiddle Tunes."
Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra Memorabilia     Concert program (Oct. 17, 1947)        
Grey Eagle     Master Copy        
Hayin' Time     Master Copy 8 1/2 X 11 B&W copy of master Reproduction of master copy   From "Michigan Dream" (Opera).
Heart of the Morn wind ensemble 20 p. Published full score, Belwin Mills       Based on "Michigan Morn" from "Michigan Dream" (Opera); arranged for wind ensemble.
La Fiesta Mexicana band   Published full band score, Mills Music (80 p.) Published master copy, full score & parts, Mills music Partial sketch Full orchestral score, master and B&W copy Concert program (MSU Symphony Band, April 22, 2003). Note: info from July 3, 2000 email from H Owen Reed--extensive note in file.
La Negra piano   Master copy piano score, transparency * 1/2 x 11 B&W copy of master sketch   Full title on Owen's list: El son de la negra, for piano.
Lansing Symphony Orchestra Memorabilia     1939-1940 Concert program (Oct. 31, 1939--First Concert) 1940-1941 Concert program (Signed by Sigurd Rascher--Fourth concert)      
Living Solid Face Chamber Dance Opera: chamber orchestra, men's chorus, narrator/dancer, opt audience   Master copy score and parts (transparencies) Reproduction of Master Copy Sketch (blue bound) Work papers & related articles MS reproduction, hand-written notes for staging. Gift of Forrest Coggan, author & choreographer.Includes intro from program. [Reed: first experiment in using "clear unmeasured rehearsal numbers] c1974, Reed & Coggan
Lord God of Sea voice, piano   Three reproductions, piano/vocal score Two 8 1/2 x 11 B&W copies, piano/vocal score     From "A Tabernacle for the Sun"
Masque of the Red Death *   Full score manuscript (in pencil) Piano score with staging instructions, manuscript sketch   *Detailed instrumentation note in file.
Michigan Dream Opera   *** *** *** *** ***Extensive note containing complete file information is included.***
Michigan Morn Voice/piano   published piano/vocal scores: (3) SSA, (2) TTBB, (2) SATB 2 published solo voice & piano score; 6 B&W copies Published solo & piano score revised; 6 B&W copies Manuscript full band score--pub as "Heart of the Morn" (pencil) From "Michigan Dream" (Opera); ALSO CONTAINS: Master copy, manuscript full band score (transparencies); Corrected transparencies of piano/vocal score (probably taken from opera, is not the same as published vocal scores)
Missouri Shindig Band 40 p. Published full score for band, minor corrections Published Full score and parts for band, minor corrections      
Mountain Meditation Voice, piano   Manuscript piano/vocal score Published piano/vocal score--master copy Three 8 1/2 x 11 published piano vocal scores    
Mountain meditations     MS reproduction 2 copies of printed editions     Inscribed to and donated by Ethel Armeling
MSU Symphony Band memorabilia     Program (April 22, 2003--La fiesta Mexicana)        
Never Will I Promise You voice/piano   Reproduction--with pencil corrections, piano/vocal score Master Copy of Piano/vocal score (transparency) w/ corrections 8 1/2 x 11 B&W copy   From "Michigan Dream" (Opera)
Of Lothlorien     Sketches Master Copy parts (transparencies, corrected) Manuscript (pencil) full concert score, corrected 8 1/2 x 11 B&W copies and 11 x 17 B&W copy of manuscript, full concert score ALSO CONTAINS: Sketches
Okemos Fight Song     Reproduction of Orchestra Full Score Reproduction of piano/vocal score Master Copy of piano/vocal score (transparency)    
Overture     Corrected reproduction, full orchestral score 2 groups of sketches     Overture 1940 (Same thing?)
Overture for Strings     Full score and parts, corrected transparencies Full score, manuscript Full score, reproduction with corrections Sketch  
Ox Driving Song     B&W copy of published piano/vocal score (TTBB) 2 published optional clarinet, bass cl or bassoon & string bass parts 2 published piano/vocal scores TTBB published piano/vocal score SATB; also w/o accompaniment From "Michigan Dream" (Opera); ALSO CONTAINS: LABELED INVIOLATE COPY--Published piano & solo vocal score; published piano/vocal score TTBB; published piano/vocal score SATB; published opt. Clarinet, bass cl or bassoon & string bass
Panorama piano   Published piano score--master copy 2 published piano scores      
Passing of John Blackfeather     MS reproduction printed copy     Donated by Ethel Armeling
Passing of John Blackfeather, The Low voice, piano   Master copy piano/vocal score, published Master copy, manuscript, piano/vocal score 2 published piano/vocal scores sketch  
Personal Memorabilia     Owen Reed's personal date book, c. 1936 Louisiana State University's 1936 commencement ceremony program Personal and professional scrapbook and collections (from 1930s)    
Peter Homan the Millionaire voice, piano   Master copy, piano/vocal score B&W copy of master copy piano/vocal score Master copy "Introduction to the choral Medley" Reproduction of master copy, piano/vocal score From "Michigan Dream" (Opera)
Proud Chieftans (Okemos Alma Mater)     B&W copy of manuscript        
Psalm of Praise Soprano, 7 winds   Manuscript scores (2) and parts B&W copy of manuscript score Master & Manuscript piano/vocal score (SSAATBB) Published piano/vocal score (choruses for general use) and B&W copy ALSO CONTAINS: Published piano/vocal score (sacred choral series); sketch.
Rejoice! Rejoice! Mixed chorus, sop or alto soloist, vibraphon, chimes, double bass, taped chorus   2 published master copies, full score originals--plates from copygraph services, full score reproduction with corrections, full score published full score Message on back of reproduction from Ann Bloomquist (choral conductor); ALSO CONTAINS: printed score, 1977, gift of Forrest Coggan
Renascence band   Published full score for band, defective Master copy published full score and parts sketch    
Ripley Ferry     Published piano/vocal score SSAA, baritone spoken solo Master Copy published piano/vocal score SSAA, baritone spoken solo sketches    
Scherzo     Published master copy, instrumental piano score, clarinet part Master copy, instrumental piano score & clarinet part B&W copy of master    
Sonata in C Minor for piano   12 p. Manuscript Copy of manuscript      
Song of Acapulco     2 B&W copies of piano/vocal score Reproduction with manuscript words, piano/vocal score      
Songs of Michigan State College     Published piano score        
Spiritual Band/wind ensemble   Published set of parts Manuscript master copy, full score Sketch Published Master Copy score and parts  
String Quartet     Master Copy parts        
Symphonic Dance     Published score and parts for wind quintet & piano Sketches of wind quintet and piano Published Master Copy, score and parts for wind quintet and piano Master copy orchestra parts ALSO CONTAINS: B&W copy of corrected 2 piano version; B&W copy of 2 piano version (has ink corrections, labeled master
Symphony No. 1     Sketch, duo piano arrangement Manuscript of full score, NOT complete Sketch of Piano II Sketch--in ink  
Tabernacle for the Sun, A Mixed chorus, men's speaking chorus, contralto or baritone soloist, orchestra   Published choral and piano scores Master copy of choral and piano score 1st and 2nd sketches MS reproduction of choral score MS reproduction gift of Forrest Coggan; Includes Coggan's description of piece, possibly broken down for choreography. Also includes press clipping announcing performance. Reed: Manuscript in his hand.
The Turning Mind     Score & parts--transparencies        
Theme and Variations (from String Quartet)     Published conductors score B&W copy of published conductors score Published Master copy, full score & parts    
Three Nationalities     Published piano version Reproduction of piano version with corrections Published Master copy piano version Master copy piano version ALSO CONTAINS: B&W copy of published piano version, note on top "For El Muchacho substitute newer and revised version--EL MUCHACHO Belwin-Columbia Pictures, Pub." <--B&W copy of this
Touch of the Earth (Suite)     Reproduction of vocal score B&W copy of piano score, for rehearsal only Reproduction of full band and vocal score with corrections   From "Michigan Dream" (Opera)
Turning mind Orchestra   Master copy full score and parts Reproduction of full score and parts Sketch    
Two Tongue Twisters     Master copy of piano/vocal score Two B&W copies of master copy      
Ut Re Mi     Sketches Corrected reproduction of full orchestral score 8 1/2 x 11 B&W copy of full orchestral score Two 8 1/2 x 11 B&W copy of full wind ensemble score (one seems to be a working score) Note: (from July 3, 2000 email from H. Owen Reed) UT RE MI is a work for orchestra (later transcribed for wind ensemble) based on the humns of St. John the Baptist Ut queant laxis
Whatever is good for me     Master copy, piano/vocal score        
Whitestown and Wondrous Love     Manuscript piano/vocal score        
Wondrous Love     Master copy score and parts B&W copies of score and parts      
You're a Rare One     Master copy piano/vocal score 8 1/2 x 11 B&W copy of master Reproduction of master copy   From "Michigan Dream" (Opera)