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Copyright Services

MSU Libraries is committed to honoring copyright law and to assisting University faculty, staff, students and affiliates in the legal use of protected information. The Course Materials Program strives to produce course packs that are compliant with copyright regulations, while providing guidance to faculty and staff regarding their use of third-party copyrighted content in their course materials.

Copyright Compliance Reviews

If concerns arise regarding the copyright compliance of content used in your course, the Library can perform a review of course materials for $25.00 per hour.

Library staff reviewers will:

  • Check copyrighted selections for allowable usage through existing Library content licenses or under public domain
  • Indicate any selections that would require additional copyright clearance
  • Provide assistance to find high-quality replacements for selections that cannot be cleared for use in your course

To initiate a review, contact the Course Materials Program.

Copyright Permissions Service

The Course Materials Program also assists in obtaining permissions for members of the MSU community, for copyrighted content that is not course-pack-related (i.e. rights to stream movies online for your students, etc). Any resultant royalty fees will need to be charged to your departmental account.

To request this service, contact Tyler Smeltekop at copyrightpermissions@lib.msu.edu detailing the content you are seeking permission to use, when it will be used, and the way the content will be used (e.g. posting PDF to D2L, etc).

Library Office of Copyright

For other copyright inquiries, as well as a great deal of resources and information about academic copyright, please visit the Library Office of Copyright (LOC) page. The LOC serves as a centralized reference point for members of the MSU community for information and guidance on copyright and cloud computing policy as it applies to teaching, learning, and research.