Michigan State University

A Century of School Gardens 1918-2018: The U. S. School Garden Army to Today

U.S. School Garden Army poster

Now through September 2018
Main Library, 2nd Floor, West Wing

One hundred years ago, in the midst of WWI, the Bureau of Education (BOE) began a national effort to promote gardening in schools to grow food. The U. S. School Garden Army enlisted thousands of school children "soldiers" and their teachers who participated for over a year growing crops and vegetables on school grounds. The BOE published manuals and circulars teaching them how to grow food, from basic garden layout to planting seed, pest management, and harvesting. This exhibit showcases many of these documents plus other historical and current materials supporting the current school gardening efforts that are still popular today.

Also on exhibit is a celebration of our 4-H Children's Garden's silver anniversary. This case documents the development of the garden and exhibits many of the books donated to MSU Libraries by Jane Taylor, the Garden's founding curator.

Exhibit produced by Suzi Teghtmeyer