Michigan State University

Renewals, Overdue Fines, and Bills for Replacement

Library material must be renewed to extend the due date; renewals are not automatic. Borrowers may renew eligible material online up to five times via "Your Library Account" - phone renewals are not possible. After five online renewals, material must be brought into the library to renew. All material may be renewed except recalled items and reserves, software, CDs, DVDs, videos, records, videodiscs, special permission checkouts, and some 3-day and 14-day material.

Faculty and staff have two years to renew overdue MSU material (excluding recalled items and reserves, software, CDs, DVDs, videos, records, videodiscs, special permission checkouts, 3-day and 14-day material) before they will be billed for replacement of the material, and their library privileges will be suspended.

Fines and bills are the responsibility of the borrower regardless of being away from campus for breaks between semesters, vacations, exams, illness, car trouble, sabbatical leaves, unread MSU e-mail, late or never-received reminder notices, etc. Fine amounts are not calculated until after material is returned. Material returned after closing is not considered returned until the next day the library is open.

If a borrower owes money, privileges are suspended without notice. Payment may be made by calling (517) 355-2333 with Visa/MasterCard/Discover/American Express or by mail a check made out to MSU to the Main Patron Services Desk at:

Accounts, Patron Services
Main Library (23)
366 W. Circle Drive
East Lansing, MI 48824

No fines are charged for most material, but overdue fines are charged for the following items when returned after the due date:

  • Reserves: $1.00 per hour. Collaborative Technology Lab material: $1/hour. NOTE: Our system considers an item that is one minute overdue to be a full hour overdue. Therefore, the full hourly amount is assessed for any portion of an hour overdue, even one minute.
  • Equipment (whiteboard markers/ erasers, phone chargers, calculators, locks, etc): $1.00/hr
  • Recalled material, software, CDs, records, videos, DVDs, 14-day items: $1 per day.
  • Material borrowed from other libraries (interlibrary loan): $2 per day.

When an item is significantly overdue, the borrower is billed for its replacement and borrowing privileges are suspended without notice until the account is paid in full or material is returned or replaced by the borrower. Holds are placed on MSU student enrollment, registration, diplomas, and transcripts at the same time. 

Minimum replacement charges are $100. Current market value is charged whenever it is higher than the minimum replacement charge.

  • Billed material cannot be renewed online. It must be brought to Patron Services or a branch library for renewal.
  • When a billed item is returned, the replacement charge is canceled but overdue fines may be charged.
  • Unresolved bills may be turned over to a collection agency any time after 30 days from date of issue.