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We are excited to announce that we have moved to a new catalog. The old catalog will no longer be available beginning October 1st.

Please report any problems you may experience to Discovery Services by calling (517) 353-8700 or by filling out our feedback form.

Note: Borrowing from other Michigan libraries through MeLCat continues to be suspended until further notice.

To learn more information, please see our FAQ page  and our policy on Personal Data Collection and Usage for Library Accounts.

Personal Data Collection and Usage for Library Accounts


The MSU Libraries has contracted with EBSCO, a private company, to provide library services through FOLIO, a library services platform, and EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS), a web interface. Library services available via EDS include online management of your library account to view your checked out items and due dates, renew your checked out items, request items for pick up or delivery, and cancel your requests.


When you attempt to log into your MSU Libraries account in EDS, you will be prompted to consent to EBSCO’s Personal Data Collection statement. For more information about EBSCO’s privacy and personal data policies, please see General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – Frequently Asked Questions.


Why am I asked to consent to a personal account to use EDS?

The personal account referred to in EBSCO’s consent agreement is your account with the MSU Libraries. MSU affiliates automatically have a library account; community borrowers can have a library account created by Circulation staff. Your library account allows you to conduct business with the MSU Libraries in the form of borrowing books and other library materials, requesting books for pick up or delivery, canceling requests, viewing your checked out materials and due dates, and renewing checked out items. Consent to the personal account allows you to manage your MSU Libraries account online in EDS.

If I don’t consent to sharing my personal information, can I still use the MSU Libraries? Will my MSU Libraries account be deleted?

If you select No on EBSCO’s consent form, you will still be able to use the MSU Libraries’ collections and services. You can search the EDS catalog, access electronic resources (with your MSU NetID), check out library books and materials (in person). Your MSU Libraries account will still be active, but you will not be able to place requests or manage your account online in EDS.

Why do I keep getting asked to consent to a personal account to use EDS?

You will be prompted to consent every time you attempt to log into your MSU Libraries account until you agree. Once you agree, you will no longer be prompted to consent.

How does EBSCO use my personal information?

EBSCO uses your personal information, such as your MSU NetID, to allow you to authenticate and log into your MSU Libraries account via a web browser. EBSCO does not retain your personal information in EDS, the online interface.

What personal information is shared with EBSCO when I access my MSU Libraries account?

The MSU Libraries shares MSU NetID’s and community borrower usernames, email addresses, and names with EBSCO in order to support standard library operations and as a means for you to log into your library account via EDS, the online interface.

Does EDS display my personal information when I access my MSU Libraries account online?

EDS displays your personal information in your MSU Libraries account only if you 1) agree to EBSCO’s privacy policy; 2) authenticate with the correct username and password for your library account; and 3) click on the Loans or Requests link in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

In browse mode, EDS does not display any personally identifiable information about checked out books or outstanding requests for a book that appear in the search results. EDS only displays the status as Checked Out and shows the due date for any checked out items.  

Where is my personal information stored?

Your personal information, or user record, lives in the Users app in FOLIO, our new library services platform. It is not embedded in EDS nor retained by EBSCO.

What personal information is available in my MSU Libraries account and how is it obtained by the MSU Libraries?

User records in FOLIO contain personally identifiable information such as first name, last name, middle name, preferred first name, MSU NetID or FOLIO ID, UUID, address(es), phone number(s), and email address. Your checked out items, requests, fees/fines are also in your user record until returned or resolved. Much of the personal information in the user record is populated via a data feed from MSU Identity Management.

Who else has access to the personal information in my MSU Libraries account?

Only library staff with assigned permissions to view user records in FOLIO can see the personal information in your MSU Libraries account. Generally, EBSCO does not have access to your personal information or your library account.

How long is the personal information in my MSU Libraries account kept in the system? Does EBSCO have access to my borrowing history?

Your personal information associated with your checked out books or requests for a specific book is available in your user record in FOLIO, the library services platform, and can be viewed only by library staff who have permission to view open loans or open requests on a user record. Only library staff with permission to view open loans or open requests in FOLIO are able to access your library account and see what items you are currently borrowing or requesting. EBSCO does not have access to your borrowing history.


Your personal information associated with your closed loans (i.e., returned books checked in by staff) remains in your user record for one day to allow Circulation staff time to assess any physical damage.


Your library account remains as a user record in FOLIO until deleted by library staff. Deletion can occur if and only if either the account’s expiration date has passed or you have no open loans, no open requests, and no outstanding fees/fines.

Is EBSCO tracking my searches and requests in EDS?

EBSCO does not track your searches or requests in EDS. EDS is set up for all users in browse mode so you are not required to log in to search and browse the library’s collections. If you wish to save or share your search results, you may create a personal MyEBSCO account. The MyEBSCO account is optional and is not associated with or connected to your MSU Libraries account.

Will EBSCO ever disclose my personal information to third parties (i.e., legal or governmental authorities)?

According to EBSCO’s legal team: “We [EBSCO] reserve the right to disclose your personal information if we are required to do so by law, or in the good faith belief that disclosure of the information is reasonably necessary to comply with legal process, and to the extent permitted by applicable local law, to respond to claims, or to protect or advance the rights, property, safety, or well-being of our company, our employees, customers, or the public.”

Has EBSCO ever had to disclose personal information to a third party (i.e., legal or governmental authorities)?

According to EBSCO’s legal team: “EBSCO has not been compelled to provide personal information of end users or customers to any governmental entity in recent memory (perhaps ever). The actual personal data collected is very limited and generally available from several other sources. We believe that US authorities would not be highly interested in us as our data is limited and we don’t have the rich datasets authorities typically seek.”

If you have questions about using your library account, please contact the MSU Libraries at 517-353-8700.