Michigan State University

About the Conservation & Preservation Unit

The Conservation & Preservation Unit's mission is to maintain the excellent physical condition of the library’s print collections. This is done by performing conservation treatments on individual books and other library materials, protecting fragile volumes with boxes or other physical enclosures, collecting data on treatment needs and environmental conditions, and promoting the facilities in the conservation lab, binding preparation and preservation departments. The Conservation and Preservation Unit also works with those in charge of audio, visual and digital collections to help preserve works in these formats. In so doing, the Conservation and Preservation Unit ensures all of the Libraries' collections continued availability for students and faculty and their longevity for future generations.

Conservation & Preservation Staff Directory

Eric Alstrom, Head of Conservation & Preservation

Conservation Lab

Linsey Allen, Special Collections Conservation Technician

Brenda Brown, Lab Annex Conservation Technician

Sue Depoorter, Wallace Lab Conservation Technician

Binding Preparation Department

Ed Gildner, Head of Binding Preparation

Karen Keck, Library Assistant

Louis Villafranca, Library Assistant 

Preservation Office

Nora Sleasman, Preservation Specialist

Media Preservation

Sarah Mainville, Media Preservation Librarian