Michigan State University

Student Employment Opportunities

The Wallace Conservation Lab relies on student employees to repair damaged books from the circulating collections. The Lab employs students through the academic year with varied fields of study. While students may not have prior book repair experience, there are common characteristics important to do the job well. These characteristics include: excellent hand skills combined with attention to detail and are critical for learning the art and science of collections conservation and most specifically book repair and rebinding. We also have a protective box making program, where attention to detail and precise measuring are key.

If you would like to learn unique skills from the age-old tradition of bookbinding and you are an MSU student, this might be the place for you to work. We're especially looking to hire students who have experience working with their hands. If you enjoy hobbies such as origami, model airplane building or sewing, you may have the hand skills we're looking for!

Please submit an online application: https://lib.msu.edu/employment/student/. To indicate your preference to work in the Wallace Conservation Lab, please type in "Conservation" under "Other" in the "Computer Skills" section. Please feel free to contact Sue Depoorter (depoort2@msu.edu or 517-884-4042).