Michigan State University

Institute for Research on Teaching and Learning College of Education (IRTL)


The Institute for Research on Teaching and Learning (IRTL) assists faculty across the College of Education in preparing grant applications to external/internal funding agencies and supports the research interests and activities of the faculty of the College.

Service Areas

  • Research Data Planning & Design
  • Short Term Data Storage & File Sharing

Target Clientele

  • Faculty
  • Graduate Students


Web Address



Institute for Research on Teaching and Learning
Erickson Hall
620 Farm Lane
East Lansing, MI 48824

Marcy Wallace

Description of Research Data Support Services

Research Data Planning & Design

  • Grant Writing: IRTL staff will help develop a budget, interpret the Request for Proposal (RFP), complete essential forms, obtain University sign offs, and submit the proposal via electronic application processes. IRTL staff also are available to help edit and proofread the narrative portion of the proposal.
  • Research Design: IRTL plans to hire a statistician who will be available to help faculty design the quantitative methodology for a grant proposal.
  • Data Management: Currently no, but the College is considering a proposal from our unit to establish a laboratory that would facilitate the storage and analysis of video recordings.
  • Cost Sharing: No, unless it is required, in which case IRTL will assist in determining it.

Short Term Data Storage

  • Backup policy: The college has 2 main servers at MSU data center; data are backed up daily.
  • Storage quota(s): Two servers: one holds 600 GB and the other 400 GB.
  • Cost of storage: Standard charges by MSU data center apply and cover actual costs.
  • Maximum retention period: The College sets the retention period, which can be up to three years. After that, data still needed are copied to an external drive.
  • Security & access policies: Security is obtained through password authentication, access is based on the project and limited to authorized users.