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Information Technology Services (ITS)


Information Technology Services (IT Services) at Michigan State University (MSU) provides students, faculty, and staff with technology resources that support the University's mission of providing education, conducting research, and advancing engagement. These include resources that support research data management.

Service Areas

  • Short Term Data Storage & File Sharing
  • Data Publishing & Reuse

Target Clientele

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Graduate students
  • Other MSU-affiliated unit/department


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Research Support Team
Information Technology Services
Michigan State University

MSU IT Service Desk at (517) 432-6200 
or toll free (844) 678-6200.


Description of Research Data Support Services

Short Term Data Storage & File Sharing

  • Backup policy: 
    • Redundant hardware to protect against component failures, redundant power and cooling
    • Enterprise Storage: Mirrored to remote site (replication in real time
    • Mid Tier Storage: Mirrored to remote site
    • Archiving and Individual Storage: Can be replicated overnight to remote site, one time per day mirroring/syncing
  • Storage quota(s): AFS space: 1 GB
  • Cost of additional storage if available: Additional AFS space can be purchased with an MSU departmental account number
  • Security & access policies: 
    • A physically secure, environmentally-controlled data center
    • Mid Tier Storage: Access via Fiber channel, NFS, ISCSI, and AFS
    • Archiving and Individual Storage: Access via NFS, AFS, and CIFS (Windows file sharing)
  • Several centrally-supported file storage options, including options for data collections that can be used collaboratively:
    • Central Storage (AFS): AFS space can be used to store files and host personal websites. Permissions can be set to limit access.
    • Online Collaborative Spaces: Web-based collaborative work spaces for individuals include Google Apps for Education Edition and D2L learning management systems.
    • Archiving and Individual Storage: Affordable Network Attached Storage (NAS) suitable for backups or individual storage available in large volumes
    • Mid Tier Storage: SAN-based storage that fits most enterprise-level storage needs.
    • Enterprise Storage: Storage Area Network (SAN)-based storage for data applications that require fast access speeds.
  • File Sharing
    • FileDepot and FileDepot Internal: FileDepot allows you to share large files up to 900MB with recipients inside or outside Michigan State University.
    • See also options under Data Publishing & Reuse for project team websites and databases.

Data Publishing & Reuse

  • Web access / hosting: 
    • Basic and full web hosting options, allowing clients to put their websites online with an Internet name of their choice
    • Public Web Server (Windows environment) hosting options
    • Web server setup and routine system tasks
  • Database development, management, or hosting
  • Assistance with all aspects of administering an Oracle database for software applications and systems. Databases set up according to client specifications and hosted and maintained centrally. Services include:
    1. Installation of Oracle database server and application tools
    2. Storage allocation and assessment of future storage needs
    3. Creation and maintenance of database, primary storage structures, and primary objects
    4. User management, including controlling and monitoring database access
    5. Database backup and restoration; and
    6. Serve as technical contacts for Oracle if needed