Michigan State University

Office for Survey Research (OSR)


The Office for Survey Research (OSR), Institute for Public Policy and Social Research (IPPSR), College of Social Science, is a comprehensive survey data collection and analysis facility whose mission is to serve the information needs of MSU faculty, MSU administrative offices and staff, the Federal government, the State of Michigan, smaller units of government, non-profit organizations.

Service Areas

  • Research Data Planning & Design
  • Data Collection
  • Short Term Data Storage & File Sharing
  • Data Study & Analysis
  • Data Publishing & Reuse

Target Clientele

  • MSU faculty
  • MSU staff
  • MSU graduate students
  • Other MSU-affiliated unit/department
  • Non-MSU, non-profit organization
  • Government

Web Address



Office for Survey Research
321 Berkey Hall
509 East Circle Dr
East Lansing, MI 48824-1111
Linda Stork

Description of Research Data Support Services

Research Data Planning and Design

  • Grant Writing: Assistance in developing optimal research design, sampling design, data collection mode selection (e.g., telephone, mail, web, face-to-face, mixed mode, face-to-face), question development and testing, questionnaire formatting, cognitive testing
  • Data Management: During data collection field period (including data entry and coding) and data cleaning and processing afterwards to prepare data files for analysis, including weighting data sets if necessary to adjust for disproportionate sampling designs, and differential response rates; development of codebooks for data sets.
  • Statistical analysis: help in estimating costs for study data collection activities; facilitation of focus groups; hosting of online access to data sets intended for general public or for limited groups of selected individuals or researchers; guest lectures or presentations on a variety of survey methods-related topics, including telephone (cell phone and landline) sampling, weighting data sets, survey error.

Data Collection

  • Telephone surveys (landline and cellphone; random digit dial and list samples; cross-sectional, stratified and panel surveys; national, statewide, county or community-level, or lists)
  • Mail surveys, web surveys, face-to-face surveys (limited), focus groups, cognitive interview testing, data entry and coding.
  • Secure 45-station computer assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) facility in Berkey Hall
  • Roughly 20,000 interviews completed annually

Short Term Data Storage & File Sharing

  • Backup Policy: RAID 6 & RAID 10 server drive configuration; Daily differential and weekly full backup
  • Storage Quota: 240 GB for project storage; 10 GB for individual user storage
  • Security & access policy: Active Directory User & Group Security; Juniper Firewall Semantec Endpoint
  • Exploring off-site storage
  • File Sharing
    • Web Services / Hosting: Host/publish data to web sites using survey documentation and analysis software to enable data download or online analysis for narrowly defined authorized sets of users.

Data Study & Analysis

  • Statistical Analysis: Statistical analysis (univariate, bivariate, multivariate analysis and modeling) and reporting
  • Data Manipulation: Assistance with recording, variable transformations, factor analysis, reliability analysis, index or scale
  • Data Mining: Specific hypothesis testing, assistance with exploration of relationships among variables
  • Data Interpretation: Assistance in development of tables and charts for communication of study findings, extensive experience interpreting and reporting results of surveys and analysis.

Data Publishing & Reuse

  • Web Services / Hosting: Host/publish data to web sites using survey documentation and analysis software to enable data download or online analysis for general public or narrowly defined authorized sets of users.
  • Secondary data identification and access: Occasionally for specific project purposes.