Michigan State University

Rovi Media Collection

In March of 2015, we received an extremely generous donation of almost a million pieces of media from the Rovi Corporation in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We competed with a number of other institutions for this donation, including the Smithsonian, and we were ultimately chosen. Our dedication to making the materials accessible to the public along with our ability to ship the materials under a tight deadline contributed to us being selected.

The Rovi Media Collection contains over 700,000 music CDs, 100,000 film DVDs/Blu-Rays, and 17,000 video games! Our collection of music now surpasses the three largest library music collections in the U.S. whose totals are close to 65,000. At nearly 165,000 film DVDs/Blu-Rays, we now have the largest collection of movies known to exist outside the Library of Congress. Due to the re-release of many films in DVD format, this collection covers an impressive range of film history. At over 17,000 video games, we now have the largest known library video game collection in the world.

We have already fulfilled thousands of requests for movies and music for the MSU Community and Michigan citizens at libraries across the state through inter-library loans. While the video games are considered rare and do not circulate, we are working on building Game Rooms in the Main Library where visitors will be able to research games and even play their old favorites.

The Rovi Media Collection supports multiple areas of study on campus, especially Game Design & Development, Music, and Cultural Studies. We feel extremely fortunate to be able to offer this comprehensive collection of research materials to the Spartan community and beyond.

Materials from the Rovi Media Collection are in such high demand that we would like to hire more people to process requests, catalog, and maintain the collection. Funds to support maintenance of this collection are also needed, since cases for CDs, movies, and video games sometimes need replacement.

If you are interested in supporting the Rovi Media Collection, please contact Seth Martin at 517-884-6446 or marti981@msu.edu.

If you have old games and related equipment at home that you no longer need, consider donating them to us as a Gift-In-Kind. See our wishlist.

person having fun playing video game