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Starting on Thursday, December 23, 2021, MeLCat Borrowing and Lending will be suspended while the MSU Libraries undergoes a significant software transition.

MSU students, staff, and faculty can continue to utilize interlibrary loan by placing requests through the MSU Libraries Interlibrary Services department. Community patrons will not be able to use MeLCat through the MSU Libraries during this time, but they can continue to do so using their local public library.

Short Édition Story Machines


People printing a story from dispenserMSU Libraries purchased four Short Édition machines in 2019 from Short Édition, an international publisher that offers free on-demand printing of thousands of short stories and poems. The program was launched in Grenoble, France in 2015. Interest in the technology grew in the United States after Francis Ford Coppola installed a dispenser in his San Francisco café.

The machines offer users two choices: Spartan Shorts, submissions reviewed by MSU Libraries Short Édition editorial team and its partners; and Short Édition, collection categories selected by MSU Libraries Short Édition editorial team and its partners. Stories are printed on paper a bit wider than a typical receipt. Each roll of paper is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified and can print between 350-450 stories. The machine uses thermal printing. No ink or cartridges are used.

Four machines are located throughout the MSU community and managed by MSU Libraries. These machines were the first installations in Michigan and are located at the MSU Main Library, the East Lansing Public Library, the MSU Broad, and the Capital Region International Airport.

MSU Libraries Short Édition offers an innovative publishing venue for writers. We welcome submissions and will consider all work for inclusion in MSU Libraries machines. Work that is accepted will also be considered for national and international publication through Short Édition machines located throughout the world. Please read our submission guidelines before sending us your stories or poems.

Choose your story…

Spartan Shorts
Submissions reviewed by MSU Libraries Short Édition editorial team and its partners
Short Edition
Short Édition collection categories selected by MSU Libraries Short Édition editorial team and its partners