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General Electric
Northwestern Yeast
West Bend
Maytag Blue Cheese
Miles Medical
Genesee Pure Food Co. (Le Roy, N.Y.)
Pet Milk Co. (St. Louis, Mo.)
Westinghouse Electric Corp. (Mansfield, Ohio)
Battle Creek Food Co. (Battle Creek, Mich.)
Church and Dwight Co. (New York, N.Y.)
Calumet Baking Powder Co. (Chicago, Ill.)
Russell-Miller Milling Co. (Minneapolis, Minn.)
International Milling Co. (Minneapolis, Minn.)
Crescent Manufacturing Co. (Seattle, Wash.)
Aluminum Cooking Utensil Co. (New Kensington, Pa. ; East St. Louis, Ill. ; Oakland, Calif.)
J.L. Hudson Co. (Detroit, Mich.)
Kroger Food Foundation (Cincinnati, Ohio)
R.B. Davis Co. (Hoboken, N.J.)
Aluminum Goods Mfg. Co. (Manitowoc, Wis.)
Chicago Tribune (Chicago, Ill.)
Kitchen Utensils
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