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Fleischmann's Yeast
Metropolitan Life Insurance
Wear-Ever Aluminum Cookery
Post Cereal
B. Heller Manufacturing Chemists
Maytag Blue Cheese
Ralston, Purina, Bran Chex, Rice Chex, and Wheat Chex
Genesee Pure Food Co. (Le Roy, N.Y.)
National Live Stock and Meat Board (Chicago, Ill.)
Corn Products Refining Co. (New York, N.Y.)
National Dairy Council (Chicago, Ill.)
General Mills, Inc. (Minneapolis, Minn.)
Ball Brothers Co. (Muncie, Ind.)
Seven-Up Co. (St. Louis, Mo.)
Jaques Mfg. Co. (Chicago, Ill.)
Baked Goods
Household Products
Cooking Oils
Cooking, Chinese

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