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Royal Baking Powder
Round Oak Stoves
Spry Shortening
Universal Housewares and Hardware
Minute Tapicoa
Hood's Medicines
Ralston, Purina, Bran Chex, Rice Chex, and Wheat Chex
Pet Milk Co. (St. Louis, Mo.)
Proctor and Gamble Co. (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. (New York, N.Y.)
Standard Brands, Inc. (New York, N.Y.)
D. Ransom, Son and Co. (Buffalo, N.Y.)
Igleheart Brothers (Evansville, Ind.)
Hershey Foods Corp. (Hershey, Pa.)
Dr. J.C. Ayer and Co. (Lowell, Mass.)
Baking Powder
Electric Appliances
Corn Starch
Jellos and Puddings

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