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Changing Men Collection

The Changing Men Collections (CMC) comprises the largest research collection of materials about the modern men’s movement in the United States and throughout the world. The collection began in 1990, as a result of a donation to Special Collections of 18 boxes of materials documenting the early history of the National Organization for Changing Men from approximately 1975 to 1985. The collection grew rapidly afterwards with the solicitation of additional materials representing the branches and diverse activities of the contemporary men’s movement, including the work of early pro-feminist “changing men” advocates; father’s rights/men rights; the popularization of mythopoetic ideas by Robert Bly; and a variety of men’s groups, including the Promise Keepers and the Radical Faeries.

The wide ranging collection features books and manuscripts; flyers and pamphlets; realia; organizational files for conferences and events; an international collection of almost 400 periodicals and newsletters published by men’s groups and centers; and archives of leading members of various branches of the men’s movement who have donated their books and papers. These unique collections shed light on the growth and development of the modern men’s movement through the efforts of such people as Bruce Curtis, Peter Cyr, Jeff Beane, Joseph Pleck, Francis Baumli, and Tom Mossmiller. Over 400 vertical files document the development of the men’s movement during the last 25 years. Consisting of research materials on key issues affecting contemporary men there is information on such topics as men’s consciousness raising, masculinity, initiation rites, men in therapy, men’s emotional healing, African American men, battered men, circumcision, anger management, ecomasculinity, teen fathers, relationships, shadow work, men’s supports networks, and the ManKind Project. The files also represent the work of a variety of diverse men’s groups from throughout the world, as well as conference proceedings from the American Men’s Studies Association, Chicago Men’s Gathering, National Conferences on Men & Masculinity, among others.


The Changing Men Collections continues to grow and is supported in part by the Changing Men Collections Endowment Fund.


Adam Matthew’s Gender: Identity and Social Change Online collection

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