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If you are interested in learning more about our materials or rare books, the following links may interest you.

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Digitized Collections

The following digital collections were created by the Gerald M Kline Digital and Multimedia Center at MSU Libraries from materials available in Special Collections.

Other Special Collections Related Sites

  • Comic Art Collection Homepage - Learn about our collection of foreign and domestic comics. Includes an index of the collection.
  • Primary Sources Online Exhibit - Introduces the many types of primary sources used by researchers, with examples from Special Collections.
  • Save America's Treasures Online Exhibit - The exhibit illustrates some of the conservation treatments performed on the Teaching Young American’s collection and how the library administered them.
  • American Radicalism Vertical File (pdf) - This is a large and growing collection of pamphlets, leaflets, clippings, and other material on a wide range of over 2,300 subjects. It is especially strong in the New Left (primarily Students for a Democratic Society), the Vietnam War era, and materials relating to contemporary issues. A sample listing of subject area file titles includes: American Christian Cause, Birth Control, Jesse Jackson, John Birch Society, Labor Youth League, Communes, Klanwatch, Lesbian Mothers, Dignity, Women Against Pornography, Solar Energy, White Supremacist Movements, and Zero Population Growth. There are also extensive files from the Peace Education Center of East Lansing.
  • History of Binding - The book in the codex form, or the book as we know it today, has been around for nearly 2000 years. But the books we read today look nothing like those early books bound by the Copts and early Christians. This exhibit offers examples of bindings from throughout the ages, beginning with some of the oldest books in the collection, from the 15th century. Each page shows a different era of binding and how the styles have changed through the centuries. Some mention of structure is here and there, but the focus is on the style and the materials used.
  • Vibrant Treasures - Botanical Illustrations from the 16th to 20th Centuries
  • Healing Waters of Bath -- An exhibit on Special Collections books related to the famous spa waters of the city of Bath, England.
  • Special Collections Provenance Project -- Documenting the copy-specific features of rare books at Michigan State University.
    Highlighting interesting volumes from the MSU Special Collections vault.

Rare Book Resources

  • Preservation in the MSU Libraries
  • Preservation Tips - Provided by the Preservation division of MSU Libraries- Important and timely information about taking care of rare books, fragile paper, and other materials.
  • Books and Booksellers - A list provided by the Library of Congress.
  • "Your Old Books" - A guide to rare books and book values, from the American Library Association
  • Paper Through Time - Non-destructive analysis of 14th- through 19th-century papers. Institute of Museum and Library Services. UI Center for the Book. Hosted by The University of Iowa Libraries