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Starting on Thursday, December 23, 2021, MeLCat Borrowing and Lending will be suspended while the MSU Libraries undergoes a significant software transition.

MSU students, staff, and faculty can continue to utilize interlibrary loan by placing requests through the MSU Libraries Interlibrary Services department. Community patrons will not be able to use MeLCat through the MSU Libraries during this time, but they can continue to do so using their local public library.

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The area code for most MSU numbers is 517. If something else is listed, please use that.

Name Phone Unit Location Email Profile
Baclawski, Kris 517-884-6472
Special Collections Main Library Building, EG13 (17) baclaws1@msu.edu view
Badgley-Malone, Megan 517-432-7326
University Archives and Historical Collections Conrad Hall badgle10@msu.edu view
Baldwin, Janet 517-884-0823
Cataloging & Metadata Services Main Library Building, W108 (4) baldwin6@msu.edu view
Barton, Joshua 517-884-0826
Cataloging & Metadata Services Main Library Building, W109 (4) bartonjp@msu.edu view
Beckwith, Birdie 517-884-6454
Dean's Office Main Library Building, W102 (7) birdie@msu.edu view
Beebe, Cody 517-999-0613
Remote Storage Remote Storage beebec@msu.edu view
Behm, Leslie M. 517-884-0851
Special Collections Main Library Building, W118 (17a) behm@msu.edu view
Blakeslee, Kristine 517-884-6912
MSU Press Manly Miles Building, 1405 S HARRISON RD STE 25 blakes17@msu.edu view
Boehmer, Tad 517-353-6941
Cataloging & Metadata Services Main Library Building, W441 (13) boehmer6@msu.edu view
Boone, Virginia 517-432-7688
Business Library Law College Building boonev@msu.edu view
Bosman, Lisa 517-884-0808
Acquisitions Main Library Building, W106 (3) bosman@msu.edu view
Bosman, Don 517-884-0873
(on-campus ↓)517-884-0873
Systems Main Library Building, W441-WS1 (13) dbosman@msu.edu view
Bour, Stephanie 517-884-0871
Systems Main Library Building, W441-WS4 (13) coleste2@msu.edu view
Boyles Petersen, Andy 517-884-0876
Digital Scholarship Lab Main Library Building, Digital Scholarship Lab W201 (24) andyjp@msu.edu view
Bozzo, Chuck Facilities Main Library Building, WG1 (22) bozzocha@msu.edu view
Brandon, Jennifer 517-884-0877
Digital Development and Strategies Main Library Building, W441-WS7 (13) jbrandon@msu.edu view
Braten, Lark 517-884-6732
Metadata Management Main Library Building, W106 (4) milling5@msu.edu view
Brauer, Max 517-884-0809
Catalog Maintenance Main Library Building, W106 (4) brauer@msu.edu view
Brown, Brenda 517-884-4041
Conservation & Preservation Main Library Building, E314 (26) brownbr3@msu.edu view
Bryant, Sheila 517-884-0896
Sciences Main Library Building, WG1 (16) bryants@msu.edu view
Busch, Ed 517-884-6438
University Archives and Historical Collections Conrad Hall buschedw@msu.edu view