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The area code for most MSU numbers is 517. If something else is listed, please use that.

Name Phone Unit Location Email Profile
Mabie, Elisabeth 517-884-4043
Turfgrass Information Center Main Library Building, W301 (10) mabieeli@msu.edu view
Magar, Jonah 517-884-8479
Gerald M. Kline Digital and Multimedia Center/Vincent Voice Library Main Library Building, W430 (14) magarjon@msu.edu view
Mainville, Sarah 517-884-0857
Conservation & Preservation Main Library Building, W418B (13) mainvil3@msu.edu view
Mak, Lucas Wing Kau 517-884-0822
Metadata Strategies & Technologies Main Library Building, W426 (14) makw@msu.edu view
Maki, Joshua 517-999-0613
Remote Storage Remote Storage, RS Building 5 (27) makijosh@msu.edu view
Malilwe, Cecilia 517-884-0868
Gerald M. Kline Digital and Multimedia Center/Vincent Voice Library Main Library Building, W426 (14) malilwe@msu.edu view
Marcyk-Taylor, Emilia 517-884-6455
Reference and Discovery Services Main Library Building, W418-WS5 (13) marcyk@msu.edu view
Marcyk-Taylor, Chandlee 517-884-5934
Course Materials Program Main Library Building, W222 (9) tayl1076@msu.edu view
Margolis, Deborah 517-884-0892
Humanities Main Library Building, E221 (21) deborahm@msu.edu view
McClure, Robert 517-884-0831
Facilities Main Library Building, WG1 (22) mcclur67@msu.edu view
McConahy, Renee 517-884-0866
Systems Main Library Building, W441 (13) nepeta@msu.edu view
McCulloh, Andrea 517-884-8898
Copy Cataloging Main Library Building, E208 (11) mccull32@msu.edu view
McLaughlin, Zoë 517-884-0867
Social Sciences Main Library Building, E213 (21) mclau197@msu.edu view
McLeod, Sarah 517-884-1946
Circulation Main Library Building, E102 (23) mcleods6@msu.edu view
McMillan, Andrea 517-884-3548
Special Collections Main Library Building, W441 (17a) salaza27@msu.edu view
McRoberts, Leslie 517-884-0821
Special Collections Main Library Building, W130A (17) mcrobe13@msu.edu view
McRoberts, Timothy Digital Scholarship Lab Main Library Building mcrobe15@msu.edu view
Miller, Whitney 517-884-6437
University Archives and Historical Collections Conrad Hall millerwh@msu.edu view
Miller, Sara 517-884-0835
Information Literacy Main Library Building, W418 (15) smiller@msu.edu view
Miller, Terri 517-884-0841
Teaching, Learning, and Research Engagement Main Library Building, W102 (7) ticklet@msu.edu view
Minkin, Rachel 517-884-0874
Faculty Engagement Main Library Building, E108 (23) minkinr@msu.edu view
Moore, Theresa 517-884-0858
Communications Main Library Building, W316 (12) mooreth@msu.edu view
Mora, Raul 517-884-0848
Systems Main Library Building, W441-WS3 (13) moraraul@msu.edu view
Moriarty, Jamie 517-432-1147
Hollander MakeCentral Makerspace Main Library Building, W 208 (8) moriar20@msu.edu view
Morin, Leah 517-353-0016
Information Literacy Main Library Building, W418-WS3 morinlea@msu.edu view
Morningstar, Jill 517-884-0852
Organizational Development Main Library Building, W118 (6) jmorning@msu.edu view
Muhammad, Rashad Center for Teaching and Learning Innovation Wells Hall rashadm@msu.edu view