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The area code for most MSU numbers is 517. If something else is listed, please use that.

Name Phone Unit Location Email Profile
Samek, Stephanie 517-884-6463
InterLibrary Services Main Library Building, W118 (5) samekste@msu.edu view
Sanchez, Joshua 517-884-7852
User Experience Main Library Building, W441E (13) jes@msu.edu view
Sandoval, Leanne 514-884-7435
Events Main Library Building, W118 (6) sandov81@msu.edu view
Sanford, Emily Cataloging & Metadata Services Main Library Building esanford@msu.edu view
Sattler, Kelly 517-884-0869
Teaching, Learning, and Research Engagement Main Library Building, W418-WS8 (13) sattler9@msu.edu view
Schanz, Megan 517-884-8435
Digital Development and Strategies Main Library Building, W441-WS12 (13) schanzme@msu.edu view
Schroeder, Heidi 517-884-0899
Accessibility Main Library Building, E223 (16) hschroed@msu.edu view
Schueller, Mathias 517-884-6783
Human Resources Main Library Building, W108B (25) schuel10@msu.edu view
Schueller, Mary 517-884-1922
Business Office and Mailroom Main Library Building, W102 (7) schuell1@msu.edu view
Schwarz, John 517-884-6458
Systems Main Library Building, W441-WS16 (13) schwarz9@msu.edu view
Seddon, Alex 517-884-8967
Course Materials Program Main Library Building, W222 (9) seddonal@msu.edu view
Sender, Jessica 517-355-8324
Health Sciences Main Library Building, WG1 (16) jsender@msu.edu view
Shedd, Kati 517-884-1946
Circulation Main Library Building, E119 (23) sheddkat@msu.edu view
Silver, Breezy 517-432-4181
Business Library Law College Building silverbr@msu.edu view
Sipek, Michael Cataloging & Metadata Services Main Library Building sipekmic@msu.edu view
Smeltekop, Nicole 517-884-0818
Cataloging & Metadata Services Main Library Building, E240E (11) nicole@msu.edu view
Smith, Tami 517-884-5936
Business Office and Mailroom Main Library Building, W224 (9) smithta@msu.edu view
Smith, Lisa 517-884-0834
Acquisitions Main Library Building, W106 (3) smithli4@msu.edu view
Sowards, Steven 517-884-6391
Collections Strategies & Preservation Main Library Building, W120 (6) sowards@msu.edu view
Sumner, Garrett 517-884-0802
Conservation & Preservation Main Library Building, WG11 (1) sumnerjo@msu.edu view
Swan, Anne 517-884-0804
Electronic Resources Licensing Main Library Building, W119 (6) swana@msu.edu view
Sweitzer, Shan 517-884-4046
Business Office and Mailroom Main Library Building, W102 (7) shan@msu.edu view