Michigan State University

Faculty Carrels

For many faculty members, a private library carrel is a highly-valued asset, providing a quiet and secure location for research and writing.

For faculty in the humanities and social sciences, proximity to the library collection is clearly desirable. And even faculty in science and technology fields may appreciate having a place away from the lab, where they can concentrate without interruptions.

Fortunately, when the Main Library's East wing was built in 1967, the architectural plans included 36 faculty carrels. But nearly 50 years on, the furnishings need replacement. A generous donor has funded the renovation of several carrels, and provided half the funding necessary for an endowment to continue the work.

Our priority in this area is to fully fund the faculty carrels endowment, so that we can continue to offer MSU faculty the option of a private, convenient workspace within the Main Library building.


A newly-renovated faculty carrel in the MSU Main Library.

Faculty carrels are small by definition, but generous windows with a view of Beaumont Tower make them very pleasant! Furnishings in a renovated carrel include a desk with file drawers and two locking compartments. Opposite the desk (not shown in photo) is a bookcase.