Michigan State University

Paying Monographs Invoices in Sierra

  1. This procedure applies to invoices paid as part of the Receiving process (Rita Jenkins)
  2. Pay monographs invoices for these vendors only:
            **Yankee Book Peddler
  3. Group invoices to be paid by vendor and then by date.
  4. In the ADMIN drop-down menu choose SETTINGS, then INVOICE tab.
    • Check these options:
      • Don’t ask these questions
      • Warn if the item has not been received
    • In the USE CURRENCY box, make sure the selection is LOCAL CURRENCY.
  5. Go to the FUNCTIONS section
    • Under the Payment options, select PAY AN INVOICE
    • Choose an open session and click the Select button.
  6. Key an invoice
    • Enter the invoice number and date in the boxes along the top of the invoice.
    • Key in p.o. number (.o number) and check the EPRICE fixed field against the amount charged on the paper invoice. Take questions to Huei.
    • Key in the price in the AMOUNT box.
    • When all orders have been entered, press ENTER to quit.
    • "ARE YOU DONE?” – click YES
    • Check the invoice display against the printed invoice.
  7. Click FINISH
  8. A query box will display asking you to verify if the amount is correct. Enter or click USE.
  9. "ARE YOU SURE?” -- click YES
  10. Take stats (number of titles, number of invoices).
  11. Prepare voucher.

General Things to Watch Out For:

  2. Shipping Charges
    • If the invoice includes only 1 title
      • it’s OK to add the shipping charges to the price and enter that amount in the AMOUNT box on the online invoices screen
    • If the invoice includes 2 or more items,
      • key in just the book cost in the AMOUNT box and add the shipping charges on the invoice summary screen. 
      • The system will automatically divide the charge amount the items on the invoice.