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Student Procedures: Inputting Catalog Dates



Take the stack of cat date slips the closest to the front of the inputting box and update the order record for each slip. From the computer desktop:

  1. Double click on the Sierra icon and login.
  2. Locate the function box in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Click on the drop down box and select the Rapid Update option.
  3. To input Catalog Dates in the Rapid Update Module go to the menu options across the top of the Sierra screen and select
  •       Tools
  •       Rapid Update Options
  •       Update Individual Records.

 4.  Type in the the information that is required.

  •  The first time you enter a streamer date (and for every time you need to change the value box) -- you need to fill in all three boxes and submit the request
  •  Order number in the Record # box on the left
  •  Tab cursor into the center data entry box marked Field
  •  Type 03, in the Field box
  •  Tab into the Value box on the right
  •  Type in the entire date using the MM-DD-YYYY format
  •  Click the Submit button and be sure that the date is entered both in the current command segment of the screen in the top section as well
  •  History section of the screen at the bottom
  •  Move your cursor from the middle Field box to the Order # box on the right
  •  For subsequent streamers with the same date (no change of value)
  •  Make sure that your cursor is in Order # box
  •  Type in the number
  •  Type Enter twice
  •  ***Repeat these two steps as needed


Proofread your typing, and give problems or errors to your supervisor. If you come across any slips for which you are unable to input a cat date (because of invalid or missing purchase order numbers, another update to record in process, etc.), write the nature of the problem on the slip and put it in the "C-date problems" folder on the student supervisor's desk.


If you have problems with pop-up boxes:

  1. Click on the Admin drop-down menu and choose Settings

  2. Click on the Rapid Update Tab and deselect the options for prompts for items that have multi-funds, ractions, a status other than "o" and rdates. You should have these for all items and the pop-up boxes are more of a nuisance than a help.

  3. Click OK and return to the Rapid Update Screen.

  4. Note : Student Computers should be set so this is no longer an issue.


NOTE: Once you've input the cat date for the order number on the first purchase order slip, you can enter cat dates for other p.o. numbers with the same cat date by hitting "enter" twice after inputting each number. The date will go in automatically.
However, if you move on to a stack of slips with a different cat date, repeat steps 4-7 above and proceed as before.

  1. When you are finished, click on the Close icon at the top of the screen and then choose the Orders icon from the buttons on the left side of the screen

  2. Discard or recycle any slips you have finished updating. If you took any slips out of the cat date box that you did not have time to update, rubber band them together, label the top slip with the appropriate cat date (if needed) and place them in the front of the cat date box.



(Valid for all seven-digit p.o. numbers)

Type the number "1" at the beginning of the number and change the last digit as follows:

  • change 0 to 8
  • change 1 to 9
  • change 2 to x
  • change 3 to 0
  • change 4 to 1
  • change 5 to 2
  • change 6 to 3
  • change 7 to 4
  • change 8 to 5
  • change 9 to 6
  • change X to 7