Michigan State University

Rovi multi-disc DVD project

These procedures support the long-term project to review and correct Rovi records for multi-disc DVDs. These items may be referred to copy/original DVD catalogers via the Rovi patron request workflow, or be chosen for review by catalogers as time allows.


  • leave sets together, even if it's something which would be separated for DMC
    • possible exceptions will be separated based on cataloger's judgment
  • generally, send no more than 5 corrected sets for processing to CatMan each week​
    • this is in addition to any patron request work done that week
  • sets with:
    9 discs or more (higher priority) 8 discs or fewer (lower priority)
    • cannot be circulated until processed because our circulating containers only accommodate up to 8 discs
    • will usually be suppressed
    • can already be circulated
    • will likely be unsuppressed
    • should be reviewed for accuracy and quality as time allows



  • open the provided spreadsheet
  • if choosing item to work on, sort by number of discs or other available filters
  • ​if working on patron requested item, use ctrl+f to find barcode
    • if item is not listed in spreadsheet, add row with all relevant info
  • perform initial check of record quality and accuracy, paying special attention to title access, tables of contents, etc.​
  • retrieve set from Rovi cabinet if needed
    • change item record status to to prevent patron requests
  • choose whether to keep set together or split into new bibs (should be an exception)
    • all BluRay/DVD sets should be kept together
  • generally, unless very minor edits are needed, do your work by exporting from OCLC, using the proper Rovi authorization and workstat 
    • attach holdings to any Rovi record (copy or original) using the provided Rovi OCLC authorization
    • use workstat xxxcopyrovixxx or xxxorigrovixxx
      • if overlaying on existing bib
        • do not preserve original cat date
        • in any existing item record, add Rovi workstat in a w field 
      • if bringing in new bib
        • use Rovi workstat in 949 string 
      • in any Rovi workstat, include piece count as necessary; ex: <xxxcopyrovixxx,3>


  • if overlaying with an updated record, attach holdings and preserve:
    • 035 Rovi control #
    • 099 Rovi call number
    • 830 Rovi local collection title
  • add any necessary item records for 9+ disc sets
    • 099 - copy Rovi call number from bib to each item record
    • f note - copy from original item record
    • for item records including multiple discs:
      • ​m note - "This item contains [#] discs."
      • volume field - add associated discs "discs [#]-[#]"
    • barcode field - append -001, -002, etc., to original barcode
  • for sets with multiple item records, edit 505 to include cataloger-supplied disc numbers to match each item record grouping
    ex: [Discs 1-4] Title -- Title -- Title. [Discs 5-8] Title -- Title -- Title
  • for BluRay/DVD sets:
    • create item records for each type
    • add "BluRay" or "DVD" designation to item record volume fields and call numbers
  • suppress if not already done
  • return discs to either cabinet or CatMan as situation warrants
  • record work on spreadsheet


  • copy from old bib to all new bibs:
    • 035 Rovi control #
    • 099 Rovi call number
    • 830 Rovi local collection title
  • ​for all new item records:
    • 099 - copy Rovi call number from bib to each item record
    • f note - copy from original item record
    • for item records including multiple discs:
      • ​m note - "This item contains [#] discs."
      • volume field - add associated discs "discs [#]-[#]"
    • barcode field - append -001, -002, etc., to original barcode
    • copy field is copy 1 since call number/barcode is different from first Rovi copy
  • see b112000332 for an example
  • suppress bibs and items and deliver to CatMan for processing (to ensure no ill-timed patron requests); CatMan or ILL will handle refiling
  • record work on spreadsheet