Michigan State University

Beard Collection Cataloging

Deliver uncataloged Beard Collection materials for Turfgrass to the Beard Collection shelf in Copy Cataloging.


Copy cataloging

  • check Sierra first; Beard item may be an ADD LOC (to Main, the regular Turfgrass location, etc.)
  • if an ADD LOC, assign it the next sequential copy number, regardless of gaps in existing copy numbers
  • multiple copies within Beard are not desired
    • if cataloging a Beard item that would be a copy 2 to something already held in Beard, contact individuals below on how to proceed

Original cataloging

  • forward to Joshua Barton, if no or inadequate copy

Record components

Location tf
049 QEML (if not an add loc)
Call number prefer classes SB433-SB433.34, though other classes may be acceptable
590 MSU: Gift to James B Beard Turfgrass Library Collection.


MSU: Copy 2 gift to...
MSU: Volume 2 copy 2 gift to...
MSU: Vol. 89 (2003)-vol. 96 (2010) and vol. 98 (2012) gift to...


Location tfbrd

also add to serial checkin record if needed
Itype 199
Status o


For serials: see also Turfgrass Information Center and Bear​d Collection serial holdings procedures


  • Beard items DO NOT receive
    • written call numbers
    • stamps
    • glued-in check out streamers
  • Write the call number on the existing streamer or a slip of paper and insert in book
  • Keep book jacket with book (can be placed inside the book)
  • Place monographs on Beard shelf in CatMan (just below relabeling shelf)
    • Barcodes without shields will be applied to the back of the item by CatMan
  • Beard serials are not generally barcoded and can be delivered directly to TF, but if previous issues are already barcoded, consult TF staff


  • Andrew Lundeen: