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Deriving RDA Records From AACR2 Copy

This is a basic, not exhaustive, list of changes that may be needed when deriving an RDA record from AACR2 copy.  After you have derived a new record:

  • Change Desc to i
  • Add 040 ‡e rda immediately before the ‡c
  • Add 040 ‡b eng if not present
  • Add relationship designators to 1XX and/or 7XX fields, if you can readily locate an appropriate term in RDA Appendix I or J
  • Replace Latin abbreviations if present
  • Edition statement should be transcribed as it appears on the source of information
  • Change 260 to 264 & add correct 2nd indicator; 264_1 is used for publication information
  • Adjust date(s) as needed in 264 and/or fixed field
  • Add 264 2nd indicator 4 for copyright date, if needed. See MARC documentation for 264
  • Spell out the following words in 300: pages, color, illustrations, portraits
  • Add 33X fields for rdacontent, rdamedia, rdacarrier
  • The numbering of series should be recorded in the 490 field exactly as it appears on the source of information. In the 830 field, continue to use the form of numbering as indicated by the authority record
  • In some cases, square brackets that were needed under AACR2 may need to be removed in an RDA record. Generally speaking, most core, manifestation-level elements only need to be bracketed if the information is taken from a source outside the resource itself. See RDA 2.2.4 for more details

Sound recordings, Videos, Digital files

It is recommended to repeat sound, projection, video or digital file characteristics from 300 $b/538/500 in the appropriate 34X field(s). Best practice guidelines have not yet been issued, so for now, see MARC documentation for guidance:

344 Sound Characteristics
345 Projection Characteristics of Moving Image
346 Video Characteristics
347 Digital File Characteristics