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Lockwood gift cataloging

Lockwood materials are an SPC gift collection which consists of two separate subgroups: the Romani/Gypsy collection and the Foodways collection (mostly cookbooks). The majority of the non-English titles have already been cataloged by library vendor Backstage, so in-house cataloging will mostly be dealing with English or Western European languages. Boxes of these materials are currently stored in Giltner. Books to be cataloged will be delivered periodically to the SPC cataloging shelves by facilities.


All titles receive:

loc      sprar

590     MSU: Gift of William G. Lockwood and Yvonne R. Lockwood.

If applicable:

590     MSU: In dust jacket.

Romani/Gypsy titles receive:

830 _0   William G. Lockwood Collection of Romani Ethnology and Gypsy Stereotypes. $5MiEM

Suggested subject headings:

650 _0     Romanies $z [country/region] $x History.
                Romanies $z [country/region] $x Social life and customs.
                Romanies in popular culture.
                Romanies in literature.


Foodways titles receive:

830 _0   William G. Lockwood and Yvonne R. Lockwood Collection of National, Ethnic and Regional Foodways. $5MiEM

If cookbook:

655 _7 Cookbooks $2 lcgft

As with all SPC cataloging, retain dust jackets and make a note as needed (example above). Refer to general SPC cataloging procedures for other rare book cataloging considerations. 


Per requirements for sprar materials, pencil call number in piece.

Place on designated SPC materials truck for pick up.