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MSU Electronic Theses & Dissertations Cataloging

This procedure applies to electronic theses and dissertation (ETD) cataloging as of August 2014. Updated in April 2017 to reflect use of Connexion.

This procedure operates on script-generated records that are either straight AACR2 (with GMD) or hybridized via PCC Hybrid Record Guidelines by Backstage processing. If a record is straight AACR2 (i.e. not hybridized) it is not necessary to remove the GMD or add any hybrid elements; these records may be left as straight AACR2.

  1. Open the Google Doc of uncataloged ETDs
  2. Review ETD brief records in OPAC by clicking links in the CATALOG SEARCH column
    1. You can open ETD full text from links in OPAC brief records
  3. Claim an ETD for cataloging by putting your initials in INITIALS column
  4. Search for ETD OCLC Master Record by copy-and-pasting the CONTROL# from column into a Connexion search
  5. Verify accuracy of ETD record, especially:
    1. 100 – author
    2. 245 – title
    3. Language
    4. 502 – degree type and date
      1. Hybridized records will have subfields in the 502. Straight AACR2 records will not. Either way, it is not necessary to edit any of the subfield coding or add subfields if lacking.
  6. Edit existing fields:
    1. 300 and fixed fields:
      1. Add any preliminary pagination; verify regular pagination.
      2. Add or remove “illustrations”, “maps”, etc. as applicable and adjust fixed fields accordingly.
    2. 502:
      1. If ETD record lacks program / dept. name, add it based on form on title page.
      2. Hybridized records: add to beginning of field: ǂg Thesis
    3. 504 & fixed field: Add pagination for bibliographical references if applicable; if no bibliography, remove 504 and clear CONT fixed field code.
    4. 588: add viewing date, for example:
      1. Title from PDF t.p. (viewed on Feb. 23, 2017)
      2. Description based on online resource; title from PDF t.p. (ProQuest, viewed on Feb. 23, 2017)
      3. Description based on online resource; title from PDF t.p. (MSU Libraries website, viewed on Feb. 23, 2017)
  7. Add fields:
    1. 028: Add local repository identifier from Sierra, if missing in OCLC
      1. Use OCLC number to look up record in Sierra
      2. Locate the 028 local repository identifier, if present. They take the form: 028 50 Nguyen_grad.msu_0128D_10370 |b local
      3. Copy this field into the OCLC master record
      4. Replace the [pipe] delimiter copied from Sierra with the [double dagger] for Connexion
    2. 246 fields, if needed. Watch for differences in title between PDF title page and ProQuest landing page (such as abbreviations being spelled out)
    3. Subjects
    4. 041 and 546 language fields, if applicable
    5. 043 geographic code, if applicable
  8. Apply MSUetd constant data (ask Head of Cataloging for help setting up):
    1. Apply variable fields only
    2. In 949, insert bib number of record to be overlaid in Sierra
    3. If not already present, add this string to 949: b2=m;
  9. In Connexion:
    1. Validate the record and fix any validation issues
    2. Replace the master record
    3. Export to Sierra
  10. In Sierra:
    1. Open record
    2. Change CAT DATE in bib record to match Created Date
    3. Open item record and edit workstat code: cmselecthesXXX (your initials). If no workstat code is present, add one.