Michigan State University

Call Numbers for MSU Publications and Books about MSU

Use of LD3245

To the extent possible, MSU publications and books about MSU are classified in the local class: LD3245; arranged according to Table L6 (Individual Institutions in America). This local practice is distinct from LC Classification, in which MSU publications and books about MSU are classed in LD3248.M5 with Table L7a.

In local scheme, for application of Table L6, use M plus Table L6 prescribed number, moving the decimal point two places to the left.

Tables can be consulted in ClassWeb.



090 __ $a LD3245.M005 $b ...


090 __ $a LD3245.M06 $b ...

Early history:

090 __ $a LD3245.M29 $b ...

Cuttering Instructions

If the creator is MSU, or has an authorized access point subordinate to MSU, cutter by title. Also cutter by title if there is no creator.

If the creator is not MSU (including MSU bodies with direct-entry authorized access points), cutter by creator.

For colleges of MSU, use: .M305, A-Z


Creator: Michigan State University. College of Education

090 __ $a LD3245.M305 $b E3 ...

Application in Shared Catalog

This local practice is only observed by MSU. Library of Michigan and the College of Law follow LC Classification for MSU publications. In the case of shared records for MSU publications and books about MSU, the Shared Bibliographic Records Protocol will be observed.