Michigan State University

Planning Reports: Original Cataloging

As of May 2008, planning reports have moved to the Main Library due to the closing of the Planning and Design Library.

When cataloging Planning reports, first search our catalog to see if LOM or MSU has the piece. If you find the piece in our catalog, go to the Planning Reports: Copy Cataloging & Adds procedures.

Planning reports will be cataloged as normal monographs, with the following exceptions:

Call numbers

  • Planning Reports are assigned geographic call numbers in the 099 field. The call number will include a larger political entity (in all caps) and one or more smaller political entities (upper and lower case).

For example:
099 MICHIGAN Grand Rapids
099 CANADA Ontario Toronto
099 MICHIGAN Adams Township (Hillsdale County)

(county included because there are several Adams Townships in Michigan)
099 MICHIGAN Ada Township

Catalog Maintenance will label the piece with the geographic and the title (which they take from the 245 field).

For monographs: If you have two or more reports with the same geographic and title, you can use the date to distinguish them. Write the bracketed date under the geographic, and add a note for Catalog Maintenance on the bundled pieces (eg, Please add date to labels to distinguish titles). Do not include the bracketed date in the 099 or the 245 field.  Labelers will add the date to the geographic/title label.
   Example: Two pieces have the title:  Tucson central planning report.




  • Always add a local genre heading in the 655 field (2nd indicator 7):  655 7  Planning reports. |2 local 
  • Construct subject headings and other fields as usual.
  • Many planning reports are for townships (usually in Michigan). Follow this procedure for constructing and/or using existing access points for Michigan Townships.


If the piece is a 701 report, add a 536 note: The preparation of this report was financially aided through a Federal grant from the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, under the Urban Planning Assistance Program as authorized by Section 701 of the Housing Act of 1954. This is report no.XXXXX.  [The 5-digit report number will be handwritten on the piece. If there is no number, omit the final sentence.]

  • When writing the call number, do not use the inside front cover, even when the piece has a cover title. Move call number one page further in if possible.
  • The location code in the 049 should be EEMR.  The location code in the item record should be mnprc, or mnopr if the report is oversized.
  • Write the Millennium bib number of the catalog record at the top of the page where you have written the call number. This will facilitate the barcoders & labelers finding the correct bib record (since the call numbers are not unique).
  • If you have an oversize piece, write "oversize" below the bib number.
  • If you are cataloging a piece that is already labeled (but not yet barcoded), check that the title on the label matches the beginning of the title as found in the 245 field.  If the label does not match, put the piece on the Planning Reports LABELING truck in Catalog Maintenance when you are finished with the cataloging (which is near the regular barcoding/labeling truck we normally use). 
  • If the label is correct, put the piece on the Planning Reports BARCODING truck in Catalog Maintenance. (If the only difference between the 245 and the label is the presence of a publ. date at the end of the label, put the piece on the BARCODING truck.)