Michigan State University

Music CD/DVD processing

Music CDs/DVDs will be cataloged by a copy or original cataloger. The CDs/DVDs will be given to the Catalog Maintenance team member assigned to handle the final steps and labeling.

Steps for processing:

  1. The next accession number on the sheet of labels will be placed on the CD/DVD case, on the front, the upper left corner.
  2. The same number will be placed in the bib record.
    1. use the 099 field, for indexing in the “Other” call number index.
    2. CD XXXXXX , or DVD XXXXXX will be typed in the field, with a space between CD/DVD and the number.
  3. The case will be bar coded with a pink bar code, on the front, the upper right corner.
  4. The bar code number will be placed in the item record and a 7 placed in the IType field. The item record location should be: muncd (for CDs), muvid (for DVDs).
  5. Substantial booklets in the CD/DVD case will have the accession number written on the booklet on the front, upper left corner.
  6. A title with two CDs/DVDs in the case will have the accession number written on each CD/DVD. The case will have the accession call number label.
  7. CD/DVD titles with multiple cases will need to have the accession number call number on all cases.
    1. each case will need the call number and a volume or part number.
    2. cases will go to Catalog Maintenance labeling area for creation of full call number label for one case, with volume or part number.
    3. case with original accession number label will need a label with the volume or part number.
  8. Add copy CDs/DVDs will be sent directly to labeling.
    1. a yellow sticky will be placed on the case with the CD/DVD call number as it appears in the catalog record
    2. a label will be typed with c.2 on the label, or a separate c.2 label could be used
    3. the labeled case will go to the CD/DVD bar coder for the pink bar code