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Music Scores in Pam Folders

Labeling music scores in pamphlet folders

All music score pam folders need a call number label, MSU property stamp, pink date due and barcode.

Search record by call number

Verify that you are in the correct record:

  1. Verify that the call number in the record matches the call number on the piece
  2. The call number inside the book should have MUSIC stamped above the call number
  3. The title on the title page should match the title in the 245 field in the bibliographic record
  4. If the title has [electronic resource] in it pull and give to trainer/supervisor
  5. All problems are given to a trainer/supervisor with a note

Verify that the bib record and item record have a music location code.

If needed see the Quality Control procedure.

Typing call number label

Do not include the musical instrument designation in the call

Type volume numbering at the end of the call number label for multi-volumes, numbers, parts, or score number.

Placing labels on pam folders

Before labeling, open the pam folder to see how the score fits in the pam folder.

If the score is smaller than the pam folder, place the call number label and barcode on the pam folder using the edge of the score for placement instead of the edge of the pam folder.

Height: Standard size music scores should not exceed 40 cm. high. Pam folders over 40 cm. need to be evaluated for oversized shelves, or to trim the folder to fit the shelf.

Depth should not exceed 12 inches wide. Within the 12 inches, the right margin should not be more than an inch between the document and the edge of the pam folder.

Place the call number label on the front of the pam folder 1/4 inch down from the top left corner (or from the top edge of score), and 1/4 inch in from the front left edge (or from the edge of the score).

The label can be placed on the binding tape.

Final processing

The pink date due is place on the inside cover of the folder on the lower right hand side, but should not be placed below the bottom edge of the score.

Place the MSU property stamp or sticker centered on the inside cover of the folder.


Place the pink barcode on the back of the pam fold 2 fingers down from the top right corner (or from the edge of the score), and 2 fingers over from the back right side of spine (or from the edge of the score).